Takuma Asano


Both of them have been or or two touch finishes. We need a guy like that, touch, bang. No fucking about in the box with 20 fake shots ala Ramsey.




Starting to believe he genuinely could be one for the future since at 21 he is quick, has an eye for goal and the low centre of gravity that tends to be found in some great goal scorers.

Not mad at the signing at all.


Yup. I love the quick feet, ball control, and ability to change direction that he shows in that video. No idea whether he can make it happen against tougher competition and at a higher level tactically but I really like him as a low cost punt.

I’m no expert but its hard for me to see how he would get a work permit under the current (new) rules: He isn’t going to qualify based on % of international appearances and he isn’t going to score highly on the points system because his transfer fee (and wages one assumes) was so low and because he is coming from a shit league. Doing well at the Olympics might help him get one next summer though if he can become an automatic selection in the national team for the next year.


Funny how long i have said he is a good striker and i think he would be extremely good and looks like an Aguero type, and looks like he could develop to be just as good. People were like…you are comparing him to Aguero a world class talent when he is just a cheapie brought by wenger. I think this guy has all the ingredients to be a very dangerous striker maybe even in time world class. People are too quick to judge by names and price tags, remember the name ASANO!

I reckon he is even good enough to do a job for us right now even if he isnt prolific at first, but it wont happen because of work permit issues. I reckon he looks good enough for our team, i mean he is clinical and fast and tricky and scores some damn decent goals…when we compare him to what we have had in the past like Chamakh etc, even now compare him to Giroud i think he has more scope. the problem is that i don’t think he would be good enough to win us the league not for a little bit, we need a top class striker now and not someone that ‘can do a job for us’


It’s a pity he has to go on loan. Would love to see him at the club, working with the first team.


Does seem to be of Ageuro/Suarez mold.

Shame we can’t train him here.


JFC fellas.


Wenger said in his press conference that the application for Asano’s work permit was turned down because his fee wasn’t high enough. Said he believes highly in the player and will take care of him to ensure he’ll go on loan to the right club in France or Germany.

Could be a blessing in disguise for Asano, might get the opportunity to play under a good coach in an environment with less pressure and more first team opportunities.


I really believe he could do a good job for us though, he looks like he has that spark with him. I do agree though I don’t think he should come in now not when people are up in arms we will have a lot of people not giving him a chance because he didn’t cost much and isn’t a big name people want proven players right now so it could wreck him and his confidence to come in and try to do a job right now.



Loaned to Stuttgart.


They couldn’t have hid it better on the the front page lol

Hopefully Gnabry will go the same way.


Should’ve loaned him to Boca Juniors so he could fulfill his full potential and become Takuma Asado :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::arteta::cristo::bellerin:


Nice, will be following his time there for sure.


Stuttgart have a nice kit. For that reason, and to watch Asano, I will keep an eye on them this season for sure.


Went to a club with another Japanese player. That’ll be good for him. Best of luck, Mr Asano.


good luck to Yaya Sanogo number 2


If he fails us, he knows what he has to do.


A bit gutted, can’t lie. I really hoped he could stay here this season.


[quote=“AbouCuellar, post:33, topic:470, full:true”]
Should’ve loaned him to Boca Juniors so he could fulfill his full potential and become Takuma Asado