Takuma Asano


Never an option - didn’t get work permit.


What planet are you from? :joy::joy::joy:


Earth, you?


Great move by Arsenal.

Tap into the Japanese market to sell a bunch of jerseys. Loan him out for a few years.

Have him make his club debut for Arsenal in 2019 in the 3rd round of the league cup against Portsmouth


Just in time for Toyko 2020. We are marketing gods :cech:


Its the third time we’ve done it at this stage. I doubt they’ll fall for it.


I honestly think he will play for us, this kid looks like he can be a special player, some of his shooting ability and his goals reminds me of Aguero. Yes he may not be at his level but he looks like he can actually be a damn good striker.


While I am not as optimistic about him as you are, I do feel that there is more to this kid than just marketing material. He certainly has the talent and a lot will depend on how he develops in the next season or two.


Wrongly disallowed goal against UAE earlier today.



99% chance he goes the way of Wellington Silva


Nah he definitely has something about him IMO.


I already like him better than Wellington so he has that going for him.


Looks like he eats less pizza


This is a good rule of thumb to go by as Sham is good at weeding out the gems (Botehllo, Wellington). His word is better than Wenger’s on this subject. I like.


If you predict that every single youth prospect will be a failure you will be right most of the time and then can claim to be a genius


Asano is 21 so certainly not a youth prospect, thats just some bullshit thats been put out there because he was clearly never going to get a permit.

In any case I don’t really make predictions about youth players, I just dont get excited by anything our players achieve at youth level because I realise its essentially meaningless. I don’t think and have never thought myself enlightened or a genius for arriving at that conclusion. :slight_smile:




Everyone is taking the piss out of this guy…especially from other clubs who is Asano we buy Ibrahimovich these clowns get Asano what a fucking joke I am telling you, this guy looks like he could be a star in the making, there is something about his combined strength low centre of gravity and being quite clinical and pace that i reckon he will cause a lot of team major problems when he manages to get a work permit. He looks a really dangerous striker! The Asian Aguero lite…his style reminds me so much of him!


He doesn’t seem Theo, I mean scared of a challenge that’s for sure.


You on the other hand can say whatever you like ,but you will never be thought of as a genius !