Takuma Asano


I like the cut of his jib.

For me at 21 he’s still a project or one for the future, how many players do you see at 21 starting in the CF position at top clubs?

He needs time and the right environment, hope the club does right by him.


Since we signed him he’s literally been banging in goals nearly every game for Japan. He’s far from a Sanogo that’s for sure.


Been reading a bit about work permits. Looks like he wont qualify next season outright but we’d have a good chance of getting him in on appeal.



This guy is a quality player. Will be a good signing, especially for the low fee paid to sign him.


For me its all about doing the job not the fee !


Wenger on Asano:

“What I see in him is the quality of his runs, his pace, his body strength and he is quite aggressive,” Wenger told the club’s website.

"You do not find many players today who go behind the defenders at every opportunity. That is one of his strengths.

“I must say, I’m personally a strong believer in him, because by coincidence I met the national coach of Japan and he is absolutely convinced by him.”


As much as Wenger is criticised these days, one thing that very few managers can equal is his footballing network.

It’s quite impressive that he gets personal recommendations from the manager of the Japan National Men’s Football Men’s Team of Japan.


It’s not really that surprising. Arsene has enjoyed a cult like status in Japan after what he did for Grampus Eight.

I’d be more impressed if he was getting similar recommendations from South America :slight_smile:


On the contrary it’s his lack of modern contacts that worries me ,Its hardly surprising the coqach of Japan recommends one of his own players .
Not sure what his cult status is based on in Grampus he won the Emperors cup and came 3rd in the league ,hardly Roy of the Rovers stuff and he quit after a year ?


I won’t be convinced until he does it for us in an Arsenal kit


It’ll be pixelated if he does.



Asano against Kaiserslautern a few days ago. He missed his one great chance but, overall, I like what I see. He has blistering pace and is very direct, always running at defenders or making runs behind the defense and into the channels.

He reportedly played well again today in Stuttgart’s 2-0 win over Braunschweig, who are top of the 2 Bundesliga, assisting the second goal.


I may be miles off but I think Sol was takuma the piss.

The way Wenger describes him, and the way Wenger tries to use Theo, and the way Wenger signed Perez and even Welbeck, and the way Wenger reportedly chased Griezy and Reus, maybe he really wants to change our style-o-play to a non-Giroud style of pace and runs and joy.




The other players could learn a thing or two, it ain’t Fckn difficult, run at the goal don’t pass it around FFS !!


First Stuttgart goal today!



Only his 2nd goal so far.



Hahahaha Takumakun no gao daisuke desu yo!! Mods gotta make a takuma smiley, Kore wa kawaii deshou ne!!!


So thats 2 goals this season in the 2nd tier of German Football yes ?


Has he grown at all ?