Takehiro Tomiyasu (18)

Mate, your on rehab and nothing else.


Yeah I would just rather you rest lad.

But I get it.

I want that Japan shirt. And for Tomi to rest up.

Fucking hell I knew he was tall by Japanese standards but didn’t realise by how much


“Of course, we are so disappointed with the result,” Tomiyasu reflected. “My performance was a disaster today so I am sorry for the team.

He added: “I can’t be proud. I am not satisfied about what happened. This is football and we need to be much, much better to win against a stronger team.”

Him saying he needs time off is the bigger take from that. No way are we going to get all our players back for Boxing Day.

Another instance of him not being fully fit and being rushed back. It just doesn’t work he is awful when he’s not fit


Looked ropey yesterday and got hurt late on in the 90 minutes.
Walking a tightrope this lad with his Arsenal future.

It’s sad that his body doesn’t seem like it’s able to handle this level of football.

He’s actually a really solid defender and the kind player you want in your squad


What’s up with our players not watching football when growing up? Fucking hell. :rofl:

Born in the land and generation of Pokemon.


This fucking winter world Cup.

If people don’t want to have to watch the video, the player is Mascherano.

Arteta probably had Xhaka call him and tell him to stop crying like a bitch and come over to train immediately. :rofl:


Good call to bring him on but I thought it was gonna be more of the same after his start. Was responsible for Rashford finding the space to have a great chance after Saka put us in front and was in the way of Ramsdale in that corner they scored.

However, the guy was massive after that. Grew into the game and pretty much cancelled all advances from Man Utd to hit us on the break with Rashford. :clap:


Yeah he was immense and Arteta made the right call to take out White. On a yellow, White would have faced difficulty against Rashford.

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Rashford was out there to make a statement today as well. He was up for it the cunt.

I think Tomi played a big part in them settling down in the end because whatever they tried with Rashford on the counter just didn’t come off.

Man Utd became passive and you could smell another goal coming from us.

Look who was watching the game back in April of 2019. That’s some Law of Attraction shit right here.

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