Takehiro Tomiyasu (18)

Believe Spurs were close to him as well.

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You’ll takehiro and I’ll take the low road and I’ll be in Scotland before you @Electrifying

Not sure if anyone else will get this tbh


Good player. And he’s definitely more of a defensive full back than an explosive one, but when you’re conceding 5 to Man City, that’s kinda what you want I guess :sweat_smile:


Can’t we just get a RB specialist rather than a jack of all trades type!

Tend to have a good work ethic at least Japanese players in general.

A defensive FB is exactly what we need, it’s going to make us less predictable.

Teams will go from knowing that we exclusively attack down the left to knowing that we exclusively attack down the left.


If he’s a defensive fullback and we sign him I think that confirms overloading the left flank is by design rather than lack of options.

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Ooh love the fact he’s more defensive than offensive.

We all got it, we just disapproved of the terrible punmanship.


Looks like this one is almost ready for #the-players


Wow, just what we need, another defender.

It’s a good job he can play CB and RB.
I’m sure Tomiyasu will be useful cover if Bellerin leaves and Cedric, AMN, White, Gabriel, Chambers, Holding, Mari, are all injured and we can’t get Saliba or Mavro back off loan.

With all the European football we’lI be playing, I just hope that’s enough defensive cover and we haven’t left ourselves short.

It’s the new Arsenal motto: “you can’t have enough defenders.”

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We absolutely need a non-shit right back.

If he’s non-shit, I’m all in.


Sounds decent, although I would like a younger version of Bellerin personally as I prefer more attacking fullbacks.

Fuck sake.

Have you seen how shit most of those defenders you listed are?

They’re absolutely doing the right thing signing a likely first XI defender. If this is a quality injection not quantity then this is exactly a missing piece we need. However until proven it is still a big ‘if’.

But you can’t stand still and let this current lot kill us.


or Sherwood…

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Almost 25m? Fucking hell he better be good

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It’s Euros though. It makes a difference tbf.