Swansea Thread


God I hope they appoint Giggs and he fails massively.

If they had sense they’d get Pardiola through the door asap.


Agree. This is the obvious answer. He loves a new club, if anyone can keep them up it’s that man. They’ll need to fire him in a year and a half, mind.


If Pardew has sense he should turn it down. Swansea have one of the worst teams to play in the PL right now. It’s literally just Sigurdsson and Llorente carrying the other 9 very poor players.

I mean just look at that defence. It’s fucking abysmal and they change it every game so they have no time to grow partnerships.

Relegated by Easter.


Its such a fucking shame. Under Rodgers, laudrup and monk they were a good footballing side and a club with an identity. They have completely lost their way now though and the new owners havent got a clue. Whoever takes the job wont save them and will probably get the boot in the summer. They could easily be on their way to league one by this time next year.


Yep the last team to get back to back relegations was Wolves in 2013.

As you said massive shame as they have been a good addition to the PL. It all started when they sacked Monk.

Who now is manager of Leeds and is looking like he’s getting them closest to a PL return since they went down in 2004!


Should go for Roy Hodgson. Will go for Bruce Arena.


The new Fulham. If they went down they would never come back straight.


Exactly this. They had a good man in Monk and that bunch of fucking doofus directors totally blew it.

Bradley, fucking clueless from the get go.



wow they will be relegated for sure if they dont get a good manager. Already relegation fodder and this could make things even worse before they get better.


Pulis to the rescue!!!


I feel sorry for Clement. Their player recruitment has been terrible. They’ve got a championship level squad.


Actually well organised at times but they have nothing up top. Dont see them putting that right either. They are pretty doomed. Not the sort of squad to have any bounce reaction to a new appointment.


Swansea keep on changing managers and keep on being shit.


They got £70m for Llorente, Cork and Sigurdsson in the summer. Where did that money go? On Bony and Sam Clucas? I mean… :facepalm:


Shame for Clement, fault lies with the owners. They are clueless and have no plan whatsoever.

The next manager won’t last long either.


Isn’t he technically still a player? Love a player/manager


Can he play himself in the lineup?


Yup. At least that’s how I remember the player manager thing working. Used to be all the rage in the late 90s and early 00s lol


“Right lads, I’m playing up front, you guys do what you want”