Swansea Thread


I do agree. They were a bit unlucky under Guidolin. They lost games due to some mistakes like against City and Liverpool.


And then you’ve got Garry Monk not doing too shabbily these days at Leeds. Swansea directors must be a right bunch of twats.


Yep, he took over a Leeds in disarray and now he is leading them to the top.


Swansea just look to be in such a horrible mess. Their season kinda reminds me of Fulham’s final season in the PL, when they went through about 3 managers before relegation. Swansea have been a great addition to the PL, but they really look a side that is going to be out after this season.


I always root for Fabianski because I liked the way he came back after the way his Arsenal career started but he really is pretty poor, no? Every time I see a Swansea highlight he’s making an error or getting beaten on a saveable shot.


Great idea to appoint Bradley. They are going down like a rocket.


He’s always been quite shit.


Yea he was never good enough for Arsenal. Nor was Mannone and Martinez won’t be either.


At least he’s consistent and we know he wasn’t throwing games when he was here.


Bob Bradley has gone. He lasted long.


He and his soccer went the way of Newport.


Absolute gobshites


Swansea are such a fucking mess :joy::joy:

Reminds me of Fulham in 2013/14 where they got relegated after having 4 managers in the one season


Got fuck all up front and dont score. The last 3 managers have been useless and they will go down.


Giggs :joy: It gets better :joy:


They are beyond saving, shouldn’t have got rid of Guidolin.

Bradley was never going to cut it,barely ready to coach a Championship team.


Giggs interviewed for the job when Bradley got it didn’t he? But apparently he didn’t interview well. He’s probably sitting outside the stadium in his suit as we speak :grin:


The Odemwingie approach…Nice.


Has TA6 put his name in the hat? Either ours or the real one? I see possible improvement either way.


God, i hope they get relegated. Stupid owners who consider Swansea their toy.