Swansea Thread


Maybe go back and play some keeper when he gets tired.


Always thought player-managers was a stupid concept.


What if he played as well? :mustafi:


Lol player manager seems a cool concept. We need a player manager at Arsenal


I’m voting for Reiss Nelson


I think Jack would be an entertaining manager. Lots of trips to the stands.


Swansea’s new manager :joy:



A stranger appointment than that made by Dortmund recently.


He finally got promoted to the Premier League.


A chicken-related quote for you @Luca_from_Italy

I’m really enjoying Carlos!



Carvalhal is a funny guy.


Hands off my Dude. :laca:


I’m surprised he hasn’t been approached by other clubs before now to be honest. Unless he has and turned it down – in which case, i’m not sure living in Swansea will appeal :smile:


Would love to see him in he UK. It’s about tine he has a proper chance.



Noooooooooo. :stuck_out_tongue: