Swansea Thread


Ever since I watched the Swansea documentary that came out a while back I’ve been fascinated by Lee Trundle. Had never heard of him before I saw the documentary but what a player. Well guess what, at 39 years old he’s back. What a legend this guy must be in Swansea, he seems like a non alchy, non coke addicted Gazza, so much flair:


A legend to purveyors of burgers and pies in the Swansea area for sure


Doesn’t look good for Swansea this season. Their team is the worst they have had in the PL imo and I think there’s a very good chance they will be relegated. Which is a shame as even though they take points off us every season I quite like them lol


Well well well!!


Sacked Guidolin & replaced him with 'Murican Bob Bradley.

Go 'Murica!

P.S. It’s Guidolin’s birthday today. Ice cold Swans…Ice cold.



@Persona Absolute savages! Lol poor guy what a record to have


It shouldn’t come as a surprise, that a team has a slow start (especially with that fixture list) when you completely mess up your summer recruitment like that. But they only just now outplayed Liverpool and probably deserved something from the game against City. Surely they could have given him more time? Seems silly to blame the manager in this case.


If it was just Huw Jenkins making this decision then i don’t think he’d be getting the boot but the new owners want their own guy in the managers seat. Understandable but unfortunate for Guidolin


If they get Giggs I can see them struggling to stay up.

I thought they played pretty good football with Guidolin, and he hasn’t been there long enough to give him a chance.

Giggs is a big name, and Welsh, but I’m not sure he is the man for the job.

There are plenty of ex England managers out there that are looking for a job they could have chosen, that could have helped them stay up.


Played well against Liverpool and like IDB10 says, was Guidolin really given enough of a chance? 7 games in, could at least give him until Christmas. Not like they’re getting BEAT 3s and 4s every week.

I don’t like it when this sort of nonsense happens, hope Swansea go down now.


Understandable you’ve missed it as it was pretty low key but they’ve already appointed the new guy. Bob Bradley. Hope we destroy them on his first game in charge.


Bob Bradley? LOL


Yikes. Going for survival this season then. They’ll have their tactics right with Bradley but not much else.


Honestly surprised that some pundits were saying that Bob only got the job because of the American owners and that Giggs was better qualified.

You can hate on Bob Bradley for his tactical rigidity all you want but like it or not he has held two major national team jobs in Egypt and the US and had some success managing in Scandanavia and the French 2nd tier.

Giggs has set up cones for LvG.

Bradley may take Swansea down, he probably won’t set the league on fire or anything but imo it’s laughable to think Giggs is any great shakes as a coach.


Swansea have been unlucky in the last two games, so Guidolin deserved another chance.


They havent played that badly to be fair. A couple of their games were close and could have went either way. Bilic deserves the sack more than he did. But hey ho its a results business. They will probably still get something from our game lol.


Exactly. West Ham have suffered many hammerings this season, while Swansea not. They can stay up, imo.


I have money on Swansea going down. They’ve had an absolutely horrible transfer window, made a weak managerial appointment last year and av even weaker one to replace him.
Completely down to the owners if they get relegated


More amazing Lee Trundle action, lol. Can we trade him for Ramsey?

Sensational Pen


I still don’t know why they got rid of Guidolin.
They were playing good football and had a few difficult games, where they dropped points, then got rid of him him and they should have given him a lot more time.
The problem is they got American owners who know nothing about football and common sense goes out of the window.
So they replace a very experienced manager, at the top level, for someone who has only managed America, apart from a few games in the French second division.
The owners get what they deserve, but it’s the supporters who’ve to put up with getting relegated.