Sven Mislintat


We are shit and probably won’t win it but always got to hope we can whilst we are still in it. Be a glass half full kinda guy for this :wink:


I do think with the right purchases in January we’d probably be co-favorites with Chelsea to win the whole thing. The draw is obviously so important, look at Man U. They finished as runners up in their group and managed to avoid both Lyon and Schalke en route to the final. They played Rostov, Anderlecht and Celta Vigo. Hardly a murder’s row.


Then Ajax in the final. Shithoused their way to a European trophy :neutral_face:


Another memorable Luca meltdown that night.:sunglasses:


Wenger was past it and we still dispatched A.C Milan last year with relative ease after there was some worry after we were drawn against them, it took a real quality team in Atletico to take us down and should’ve won that too if Koscielny wasn’t a clown and our strikers could finish (Home match).


And Auba was cup tied on a stupid rule that changed. Buttt like you said we had Wenger back then and he could get results like that. We’ll see what Emery can do.


Even though he had some really good games for us I think I’ll probably remember Koscielny more for his incredibly inopportune brain farts like the Madrid match.


Agreed, he’s probably captain of the banter era best 11.



Wilshere/ Nasri / Walcott

Denilson / Song

Andre Santos / Laurent Koscielny (captain) / Djourou / Lichsteiner

Vito Mannone

Bench: Almunia / Xhaka / Mustafi / Arshavin / Yaya Sanogo / Henri Lansbury

Banter Era best XI

Emery won three Europa Leagues in a row, it’s more appropriate to ask whether Wenger can match up to him in Europe, not the other way round.


Lelelel cmon bruh. Who did he beat to win those, only team of note was a Klopp lead lolpool and we all know about Klopp in finals. Emery was beating teams named Mold :joy::joy: If Wenger had been in the EL all those years he’d have lucked into easy draws just like Emery, Wenger probably woulda won 10 Europa Leagues had he ever been in the competition.


Galatasary would have been as easy as any of the opponents Emery faced. Give him Petit, Viera, Bergkamp, Overmars and Henry in a final and think he finds a way to win that one.


Had a quick look at Emery’s managerial career. He’s managed in the Europa League four times, once with Valencia and three times with Sevilla.

3 wins in 4 for Emery.

0 wins in 2 for Wenger.

And as @Stroller says, Galatasary in 2000 should have been a gimme for Wenger and that side, so there’s that too.

Main point, nobody has to measure up to Wenger’s European achievements, let alone someone who has actually won something in Europe.


Doesn’t count, I wasn’t watching football back then.



I suspected that was the case


Europa League is the Community Shield of Europe tho cmon we all know this. Is it a real trophy or not? Nobody knows and the debate rages on. Wenger had much bigger fish to fry back then.


god I am so aware I am throwing wood on a fire here but tbh arguing that it is better to win the EL than to get to the knockouts in the CL it is a bit like saying it’s better to win the championship than to finish in the top 4 in the PL or w/e. Wenger got to the knockout stages in the CL for 16 years in a row where we qualified for a higher competition than the EL so it is a bit like criticising him for not winning the championship because he did too well to end up there.


Good point.

While all the clubs fell out of it at one stage or another despite not being in any financial restrictions.


I understand the point you’re trying to make, but to compare winning the Europa to winning the championship is rather laughable :rofl:.


It’s a comparison of gap. Gap between CL & Europa league with gap between PL & Championship.
I think you can grasp that if you stop laughing unnecessarily