Sven Mislintat


He needs to pull something out of his ass, cause so far we’ve basically signed Dortmund players that we all know about.

I don’t even think he was the one who wanted Guendouzi, it was probably Emery.


Come on guys.


This thread is so jokes, goes from jubilation to despair on the regular.

On the real though, Sven is looking funny in the light.


Of course our esteemed baldy picks Sven out the two though.

Rank incompetence has been infested at the top of the club for a long time.

Probably still does.

Thank God at least Baldy left of his own volition now.


Patience and forgiveness are in short supply today :sweat_smile:


I didn’t see the game today, but I can’t say I’m particularly unhappy with many of the deals he has his fingerprints on. Lichsteiner was a free transfer on a one year deal, AKA a total dice roll and if it doesn’t work out it shouldn’t matter to a big club, and I don’t think Sokratis has been particularly bad and I still think he’s our best defender.

Mkhitaryan is the only one I’m really disappointed with at the moment as I was expecting a lot more from him by now, but we can’t really be sure how much of that was him putting him forward as a big target, and how much was just Arsenal trying to make the best of a bad situation with Alexis. Leno is also not really looking the best, but if anyone was expecting him to sign a very good right back, a very good centre back, two very good midfielders and a very good goalkeeper in one window then they’re dreaming.

It’s not like every Dortmund signing in the last decade was a great player, but over a prolonged period of time enough of them were good buys. Good enough for me to have a little bit of faith in Svengali at least.



The worse ones out of the bunch are the ones which arrived this summer aswell, which is really worrying considering the standard that was here :joy:


People are flipping a shit about three of the back five being signed this summer but what did people really expect?

We signed a guy on a one year free to be a backup to Hector. I don’t know that anyone really expected him to play this much in the league. I really believe he was signed to be a good professional presence in the locker room and not much else. The same goes for Sokratis.

Leno is the signing that I’d question the most. The club obviously wanted a goalkeeper who could play with his feet, it’s Emery’s preferred style of play for keepers and it’s the way the game is moving. I’m still not really sure how good of a keeper he is considering he’s had a bunch of different defensive partnerships in front of him and Mustafi’s constantly shitting his pants. That being said, I think we probably could have bought a keeper who is slightly less proficient with his feet and is a more reliable shot stopper. The thing that kills me is we already had that keeper at the club and we loaned him out and then lost him to Juventus for peanuts.

Dortmund built a reputation for finding players before they made the big move. I don’t think Sven’s going to get an easy ride from fans if he doesn’t deliver some decent deals in January.


probably that most bad things at the club was down to the old manager including the spending and defending and by now we would see that there was actually plenty of money and we would only have to buy some new defenders with that money and they would be better and everything would improve.


(please god Sven buy some new defenders this window)


How do we even know the budget Sven has to work with? He could have been given pittance and asked to make the most of it.

I fail to see the logic in holding him solely responsible.


I don’t hold him solely responsible but I expected more from him tbh.

You don’t get any props for signing Auba, attempting to see whether we can revive Mhki’s career, signing Paps and bringing in Lichsteiner who’s turning out to be a Wenger banter era pick up.

Considering we’ll rarely beat the other big teams to the heavyweight players we need someone to get us the hidden gems and good/quality players that are going to be big before their transfer fees are hugely inflated. Italian teams do a good job of this and so do German teams, by bringing in Sven that’s what I hoped we were getting.

He hasn’t had many windows to operate in, however, we should also be mindful of letting this guy rule the roost for too long if he doesn’t get his shit together.


Sven, Ivan, Kronke, Gazidis, Emery, it seems everyone is to blame. The whole club is still in transition. Everything changed after Wenger’s exit, and everything changed since Gazidis’ exit too.

The reason we hired this guy over everyone else is pretty clear. We want the Aubameyangs, the Dembeles, the Lewandowskis, the Pulisics, the Hummels on the cheap. It’s these signings that got him his reputation, and it’s those that will make or break him, but to fully see that realised then we’re going to have to give him at least 3 years before writing him off. We need to sign a Mavro and Guendouzi every year and hope in a few years at least 3 of them are first team worthy.

I get the feeling he’s not going to be the lone dictator in recruitment and contracts, and Sanllehi seems to be making the right noises about not running down contracts etc.

I think it may get worse than it is right now and we’ll most certainly buy a few duds along the way, but I still think we’ll look back in 3 or so years time (probably after Emery) and appreciate this was the time that we transitioned to a modern football club.


But if that’s the case we seem to be caught in two minds. If we want Sven to turn us into Ajax that’s fine, we’ll certainly miss out on UCL for a few years and maybe even playing in Europe all together. But we’ll buy a ton of young, exciting players on the cheap and hopefully bring enough through to either challenge or sell on at a massive profit and reinvest.

But if Sven was told that we need UCL immediately then some of the stopgap signings might make more sense. The only problem is if we fall short we’re stuck with them! Signings Sokratis to a contract that runs until 2021 doesn’t make a ton of sense if you’re trying to restructure the wage profile and age profile of the squad.

Hearing that we’re trying to sign Ever Banega makes no sense unless Emery was told that he must qualify for UCL by 2020.

I recognize that the prior executive structure completely fucked the contracts and that it will take time to cycle guys like Laurent, Monreal and Cech out of the team and it will take even longer to move a guy like Ozil if he doesn’t want to go. At the same time we’re losing money by having Ramsey and Welbeck walk in July.

All of this to say, I’m a little worried that I don’t hear us making any noise around signing young players. Where’s our Manuel Akanji or Jacob Bruun Larsen? Sure some of these guys will go the route of Breel Embolo but that’s why you sign a bunch because when one hits, they can carry your team in the league and fund the next cycle of development when they’re sold.


Winning the Europa League could be our most important trophy win in our recent history.

We get CL hopefully everything can change. Hopefully


CL football is vital. We have to be in the CL next season


How much chance do you honestly believe we have of winning 4 two legged ties and the final with our defence ?

We’d wanna hope the draw is kind and gives us a for more BATE Borisov’s.


A one off final suits us much better than a home-and-home tie just because 180 minutes gives our defenders more chances to make mistakes. I don’t really think Chelsea are anything special (I’m on record saying Hazard is stupidly overrated and given a free ride by the press), Lazio aren’t what they were last year but Napoli could probably give us a lot of trouble.


Aussie stop trying to be some sort of realist all the time so you can say oh look I was right yet again ffs.

There is no way you can argue winning the EL is very important to our short term future.


Winning the Europa League is massively important to us but I just don’t think we’ll do it sadly.

I think Chelsea and Napoli are stronger than us, we’re probably the 3rd best side in it, but we’re more than capable of having a mare away leg and shipping 3 or 4 goals against several of the sides.

I do think we’ll acount for BATE rather comfortably though :joy: