Sven Mislintat


Pedantic much?


No. It’s obviously an important distinction.


I thought he pretty much had all these responsibilities anyway.

It’s Columbo in the “Head of Football” role (or whatever it is) that I haven’t quite understood yet.


You know there are some words you just hate to pronounce.
Like Adrenaline, Verbatim etc.
This guy’s surname is also one of them.


We need to have an identity as a club beyond the head coach. The guys who build the team need to have an idea of what kind of players they want for their system, and the head coach needs to match that as well. With the way head coaches are disposed of nowadays I do think it’s more logical to build the club in that manner.



Sounds like we got fucked on that Malcom thing by the sound of it!


Great read. Very insightful.


I’m very curious what Mislintat, Sanhelli and their networks are going to produce for Arsenal. The first ‘real’ window he/they had wasn’t really that creative (Sokratis, Leno) and every penny we spend matters in comparison to, especially, City, United and Chelsea.


I think his comparison to the Bayern Dortmund thing is spot on. We are up against tough opposition in the market and I think we made good signings in the summer considering. I think some Arsenal fans are unrealistic with their ‘Football Manager’ expectations.


Terrible strategy pursued last summer. I hold Mislintat responsible


Criminally bad.

Shit goalkeeper, poor CB, over the hill RB, brainless youngster.


Remember we passed on Tuchel for this homeless motherfucker to give us such gifts as Sokratis.

Oh bald fucker Imma get you


Two good signings from him. The rest shit.



Yeah and one of the good signings was culpable for their first two goals


Yeah and one of them was a long term club target anyway so the only thing he gets credit for is helping push it over the line.





Tuchel had sven sussed when he banned him from the Dortmund training ground


He’s a disaster.