Sven Mislintat


Transfers aren’t done in minutes to be honest. They had the wheels in motion for ages most likely. Wouldn’t pay attention to the length of time linked in media at all.


Yeah obviously i’m aware that they didn’t do the whole transfer in 5 minutes, lol.

I was just making a point about how efficient they seem to be.


Sven, can you get us Reus in a cheap discount rate like 10-15m?

Matthias Ginter played for BVB also, can you also get him??


Reus? does he still play football?


He can play with one leg and still better than Iwobi.


I mean you have to make initial contact, probably via their agent. Sound out whether the player is even interested to begin with. The player / agent might take a few days at least to think about whether they want the move. Then if they are interested, you need to make an approach to their club, begin negotiations which can be very complex. Have to work out a transfer fee, agent fee, clauses in the player’s contract, salary demands, bonuses, player rights etc.

No way it gets done in 5 minutes @Phoebica, there is far too much stuff to sort. Very unrealistic imo. That’s like 60 seconds to agree a fee, 60 seconds to agree the remuneration package for the player etc.

As @Midfield_Maestro says, don’t pay attention to the length of time linked in media.


I have done many a deal on FM in less than 5 mins so it’s certainly possible.


I remember him being talked about before he moved to BVB as a possible future star. Has he established himself as a good defender at Moenchengladbach then?


IMO he won’t be another Hummels (just can’t feel any stardom from him) but he is really a solid and experienced CB, and also can play DM.
He is easily better than all of our CB (if not a healthy Kos), and gosh, he is only 24.

I believe he will be picked for the final 23-men squad.



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Isn’t this close to infringing on the manager’s philosophy a bit?


I’m very dubious of his progression.

He must be blowing people away behind the scenes with his abilities. Definitely need to know more about his remit


If he’s that great and that amazing why isn’t he just managing the team. Seems pointless to have a manager if. You’re giving somebody other than the manager that much power over those sorts of things.


We don’t have a manager, we have a head coach.