Sven Mislintat


Gap between round of 16 CL to winning the Europa is like the PL to the championship ? Nah I can’t stop laughing tbh… Fair play to qualify for the CL all those years, but once you do getting out of the group isn’t all that difficult.

2 of the teams in your CL group are likely to be easier than sides you will have to beat in a Europa QF and SF.


Honestly this round one thing of the CL is one step achievement on Celtic every year.


Slovan Liberec, Freiburg, Estoril, Maribor, Betis, Porto, Valencia, Benfica, Feyenoord, Rijeka, Standard Liege, B. Mönchengladbach, Villareal, Zenit, Fiorentina, Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk, Molde, Basel, Bilbao, Shakhtar, Liverpool.

A complete list of teams Sevilla played in the three years they won. The same three years we played:

Dortmund, Napoli, Marseille, Bayern, Dortmund, Anderlecht, Galatasaray, Monaco, Bayern, Olympiacos, Zagreb, Barcelona.

There is an argument for a difference in quality here. Not saying we were the greatest (obviously) but there is a difference.


It’s all about context. A4TT made a statement about seeing if Emery could replicate results Wenger got in the EL last season, specifically the Milan result. So it makes perfect sense for me to respond saying that Emery has far more pedigree in that competition.

My post had nothing to do with the merits of getting out of CL group stages versus winning the EL

I also think your analogy in comparing that situation to winning the Championship versus being in the top four is a poor one


I agree he does (Emery’s pedigree). I don’t mean to say it is bad to win the EL, I’d love it if we had won it. But we weren’t in it for the most part because we qualified for a higher competition where we often went out to finalists. While we played a good portion of our games vs. recent CL finalists they played a good portion of their games vs teams I can’t name a single player in, and when we did go to the EL we again went out to a recent CL finalist.

I don’t think my analogy is that poor in response to that your main point is that Wenger’s european achievements do not measure up to someone who won something in Europe when they’re not in the same competition. It’s not that different from arguing that Klopp has done worse in England finishing 8th and 4th compared to Santo or Benitez who at least won the Championship in England. The competition in England is vastly different between the two, Klopp getting 4th last season surely is more of an achievement so far.


According to Le Grove Mislintat is about to leave Arsenal. Let’s see if he has some credibility.


It looks like this club is going nowhere if true.


honestly now, is it really that concerning if he does?

Our troubles lie a lot deeper than some guy who is essentially just a chief scout.

Edit: Also how reliable is this Le Grove guy?

I’ve heard from 3 separate sources (one inside Arsenal) that Sven Mislintat will leave Arsenal, some reporting by the end of the month.

This is a stunning development.

The exDortmund scout has been the great white hope of the Arsenal rebirth, the one truly exceptional hire the club made under the doomed tenure of Ivan Gazidis.

I have no idea why he’s leaving, so I’ll speculate. You’d have to imagine it’s either because he doesn’t see a future at a club like Arsenal that’s in such turmoil, or he’s had a very big fallout with Vinai and Raul. I’m leaning towards him leaving as he’d just been promoted, but you never know.

There’s the possibility that he’s butted heads with Unai Emery in the same way he fell out with Thomas Tuchel. The Spaniard clearly has preferred players he wants to bring to the club. Denis Suarez, Ever Banega, and Yannick Carrasco have the odor of Emery as I can’t imagine for one moment Sven would be pushing for journeyman hacks lost in their careers.

There will no doubt be a lot of finger pointing toxifying the boardroom. The club has no real leadership with the absurd shared model of power they’ve adopted, so it’s possible Sven has taken the bullet for the subpar execution of the Arsenal rebirth. It’s probably not difficult to be unimpressed with some of his early signings. He leant hard into exDortmund players at huge expense to the club.

Regardless of the reason, it’s pretty clear why we’re not buying players this January.

This is a very bad look for Arsenal. We appear directionless on the pitch and now it seems the dreams we had of being united off it are a long way from the truth. My big concern is that we’re heading into an incredibly important summer with Emery being the only true footballing man at the club. His record at PSG for picking players was less than impressive, if he’s steering the ship now, we really are heading down a mediocre path.

I’ll be back with more thoughts tomorrow.

You’d imagine though, that given the fuss Ivan made when we appointed him that going forward the club would side with him over any managerial appointment? It doesn’t make sense that the reason he leaves is because him and Emery have differences, I thought he was also heavily involved in the recruitment process of the new manager.


If true it’s really bizarre. What kind of club are we trying to be? We can’t compete financially with the biggest teams so we hire a guy to find cheap “diamonds” – the Dortmund model – and then a year later we change track? Just makes the club look even more like a circus!


Guy is a bit of a fraud tbh he just signed ex Dortmund players and a shit gk from Germany haha


This tbh

I haven’t been hugely sold on him either with what we’ve bought so far


i wonder if true that Raul has one of his scout buddies from Barca coming in? :giroud:


Wow. This club truly is going nowhere.

Gazidis was a conman. We rejected going after Tuchel for this guy as we supposedly had some long-term plan.


LeGrove would know jack shit about this mind. But if true, you might as well pack it in. We ain’t doing shit under the current ownership.


or maybe they are acting fast because they have found out rapidly that things are going south with a bad egg and are being proactive why does it always have to be the very worst case scenario


Put it this way, Arsenal weren’t crap enough to qualify for EL until last year. Yes it’s Championship comparison is apt. Arsenal beat better sides to win the FA Cup than Man United beat to win the EL

Arsenal beat better sides in the CL than Emery ever beat with Seville, ie Barce, Real Madrid, PSG, Dortmund, Juve etc etc. That and the fact we were cheated by an offside goal in the CL Final


I personally don’t think his signings have been bad.

Mkhi the only one really and that was because of the whole Alexis scenario. I think we’d all have rather taken the player than £30mil.

Guendouzi, Auba, Torreira I’m very happy with. Sokratis and Mavro I’m not mad about at all, and even Leno I’m not as pissed about as others.

Lichtsteiner is free and will probably only last this season.

In any case, I’m going to chalk this up to LeGrove being a BSing depression causing moron. (You think we’re bad, this guy makes Aussie sound like the Ty from AFTV)


I’m not particularly disappointed if he is leaving because all he’s brought us since he arrived is a host of ex-Dortmund players, a shit goalkeeper and a kid way out of his depth.

But it makes a mockery of the club’s new “structure” if the head coach and the head of recruitment don’t see eye to eye in any way.

Either way we’re an even bigger circus than the final Wenger years.


Every football fan has been waiting for the United like circus post Wenger from Arsenal and it just looks like the train was a little late arriving to the station :laughing:


if this does indeed happen who knows we could be quite happy with the replacement i reckon Raul knows a few decent scouts from his Barca days. It also seems that it could be possible that the rules of getting south american talent etc might be easier soon so maybe that is a big factor too.


Not a good look for anybody tbh

Strong possibility his head has been turned by Dortmund