Sunderland Thread


Such an uninspiring team to see on match of the day, you just knew one team in any game they played was going to be abysmal.


I’ll always be grateful for this moment! Loved Gyan


Good riddance. They’ve been avoiding the inevitable for years now. Such a boring club.


Good, go down and stay down. Most uninspiring club in the prem for years.


How bad a job do you have to do to get sacked?! It’s not a Rafa type situation where he took over when the club were already in dire straits. He has managed this club poorly all season!


Another relegation on the cards :hipster:


I don’t think too many neutrals will to to sad to see them relegated.
I’m also glad to see the most boring team in the PL, go down with them, Middlesborough.

Brighton and Newcastle play good football and replacing those two clubs is a good thing.


Moyes has lost the plot :coq:


Yes Sniejder who could go to MLS or something will desperately wanna play for Sunderland in the championship, time to wake up Moyes!


The football is better in the Championship… however, who the fuck wants to live in Sunderland?


No it’s not.


I hope Moyes turns it around. Seemed to bring good stability to Everton so he’s surely capable of being more than a mid table Championship side. And fair play to Sunderland for not sacking him for the sake of it and fair play to him for not thinking he’s somehow better than the Championship.

He’s helped cause this mess, I think it’s cool that he’s in charge to fix it.


Sunderland’s season in a nutshell




Nearly costed us our last faint hope. Never see you again, you turds!


Fuck off, good riddance.


Moyes gone. Resigned rather than sacked. Strange as they seemed to be willing to back him, I wonder if he thinks he’s too good to manage a Championship club. :joy:


Kind of a dumb move by Moyes, he really needs to try and get his career back on track after a disappointing last few years at United, Real Sociedad and Sunderland because it’s not like he’s going to get offered another job anywhere else at the moment, Stupid decision really because he could have been a hero by getting Sunderland back up (doubt it would have happened, but you never know)


On one hand he should have stuck by them but on the other it’s a club that’s clearly been going nowhere for the past few years. He could have done better but it was an uphill battle from the start. Then again, that was clear when he took the job, so overall, fuck him.


The fans fucking hate him. Probs why he left lol