Sunderland Thread


What, that’s nothing!

He doesn’t even say it aggressively or threateningly, it’s clear he’s joking.

You can hear everyone chuckling as well.


Agreed! Clearly tongue in cheek, the reporter is taking it in her stride as well.


Bait dangled. Bait rejected! :weary:


When you watch it you can clearly see Moyes is joking. However, to my mind, that isn’t the issue. What he says just isn’t funny – it’s hard enough being a woman in that industry as it is so they really shouldn’t have to put up with comments like that.

He has apologised though and that should suffice. If he’s going to be sacked for anything, it should be due to the fact that his managerial methods this season have been somewhat questionable.


It’s hard enough being a guy who doesn’t cope well with having a girlfriend, even harder when your neck hair grows at alarming rates making making someone to man the clippers and shave said hair on at least a bi-weekly basis quite important, but oh well, I get on with it.

Seriously, I love feminism–I’m not just saying that, as a man who likes independent, free-thinking, non-sexually repressed women feminism is a godsend–but when it gets to grievances like these it’s just a case of looking for something to be offended by so people can make a show of what a good feminist they are or in the case of the males or FA or whoever who gets involved show how politically correct they are/what a friend they are to the right causes.

I say this because being a genuine feminist myself I feel like this kind of bullshit ultimately hurts our (:grimacing:) cause.


I’m sorry to hear that. I’m surprised you manage to get yourself out of bed in the morning with issues such as that weighing you down :grin:

Men being sexist is what hurts the cause. I’m not personally offended, but then I don’t get offended by much. I probably would have laughed it off - just like the reporter in question did. But it doesn’t change the fact that what Moyes said is sexist. Unless I’ve missed the time he threatened to slap a male reporter too.


I can’t understand the furore surrounding it. But then I remembered we’re living in a world full of SJWs just waiting to get offended at every given opportunity. So I’m not surprised.


It isn’t, though, it was quite simple, his joke just contained the fact that her being a woman makes it worse for him to give her a (joking) slap. There’s nothing sexist about that, it’s just a rather dull human being make a rather dull joke. I guess everyone would be pleased then if he said instead: “you’re getting a wee bit naughty, you might just get a slap now.”


I feel like “you’ll get a slap” is a very common term, regardless of gender.

I’ve heard my mates say it to each other, jokingly and seriously, when they were winding each other up.

She just happened to be a woman; I wouldn’t be surprised if he has said to a male reporter before but a camera wasn’t rolling and I’ll bet you he’s said it to his players.


I feel like he’d be much more inclined to say “you’ll get a dig/punch” to a guy. If he said anything at all that is.

It’s arguably sexist but also not a big deal. He’s said sorry and the reporter herself didn’t even complain.


Byeeee :wave:


Glad to see the back of these. They’ve been lucky for the past 5+ years now. Good to see them go down.


Enjoy your new life in the Championship :smiley:


Negative irrelevant team, bye


Respect to Sunderland fans turned out for Ds march and showed great respect…but as a team they are SHIT…


Poor old Moyesy’s rep has taken quite a hit in recent years :ramsey:


I’m not sure Sunderland will be back for a while, their chairman doesn’t back their managers in the same way as at Newcastle.

Once Pickford and Defoe go, and if you add a Borini/Khasri as well, they won’t finish any higher than Villa have this season in the Championship imo


I won’t miss them


I do agree. They are gonna probably take some years to come back, a bit like Fulham.


They’ve been a fucking championship side for five seasons now in all but name. I hope they never come back up unless they fucking reinvent themselves into a Southampton of the north.