Sunderland Thread



Sunderland really don’t hang onto managers long do they?


tbf this one isn’t their doing lol. @Mysty


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tbf this one isn’t their doing lol. @Mysty
[/quote]True, but comical nonetheless :smiley:

Old Moyesy would be a decent replacement if it happens.



Good to see Moyes back in the PL. He deserved a second chance.


Very good appointment. They won’t be in a relegation battle with Moyes


Adnan Januzaj has joined them on loan for the season.


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Adnan Januzaj has joined them on loan for the season.
[/quote]So much for him being the next big thing at Man Utd :arteta:


Basically, Sunderland have two or three good players: Lamine Konè (who wants to leave), Patrick van Aanholt, Wahbi Khazri and Defoe.

Should be important to improve the quality of the squad with other good players, but apparently Moyes wants to open a Rehab Center for former MUFC player.


After what he went through with Man Urine, who could blame him. I’m happy for Moyes, he’s knows his job.



Should sack his Twitter guy for Özil’s :wink:


Jack Rodwell, now 36 games and counting for Sunderland, 0 times on the winning side.


^The future of English football.


Like Gareth Bale at Spurs


Should Moyes lose his job over slap-gate? :eyes:


No, he should lose it for being shit.




Apparently he basically said he was going to give a female reporter a black eye after she asked him a question he didn’t like. Now the male-dominated football world is of course closing ranks around his disgusting and threatening sexist behaviour. Pathetic imo


The incident in question…

In any case, Moyes has really not done his managerial reputation much good anyways at Sunderland, thanks to him they’re almost certain to go down at long bloody last.