Summer 2016 Transfers Thread


Received £68m for Sissoko, Wijnaldum & Townsend.


This is something I was thinking about. So Serge Gnabry goes for 5m. And Martial goes for something like 80m. WTF? How is this possible???


Good business that.


Hey man I admire your trolling work on maverick man top class…good business that?? :sweat_smile:


In th cold light of day we have done the bare minimum in getting players in . Weve loaned out 3 squad players that could have done a job for us when the inevitable injuries pile up. We have also let go one of our best prospects go for chicken feed. Lastly we have failed to purge deadwood wage theives from the squad . All in all theres been a lot of running to stand still. On the bright side ,our best starting line up and subs looks very strong.however as usual we are an injury away from crisis in a few positions !


I didn’t see these mentioned here so I thought I’d post them up. Lol Na$ri is done at City and Mangals holy shit didn’t he cost £40m? Talk about rheowing shit against a wall hoping it will stick. Bony to Stoke will piss Wenger off I’m sure. Uploading…




Perhaps Mike Ashley can now afford to pay his staff properly.


Does Pochettino have full control of Tottenham’s signings?


If he does he must just be obsessed with central midfielders.


Seriously have to question how much money has been invested in Everton after yesterday.
Supposedly had a hundred million and another fifty million from Stones transfer.
Dissapointing day for them yesterday imo.


Yeah whole summer seems sloppy maybe it was the transition to Steve Walsh as DOF. Heard Everton could have had Lucas a week before Arsenal went in but they dithered and Wenger swooped


He should come do a tour at our Arsenal. Our football manager personally makes sure our 600 staff are taken care of.

Human Resources.


@Burgundy any idea who it could be?


My first guess would be Goncalo Guedes. But maybe also Alex Grimaldo given our need to bring in a new LB at some point.


Well we still haven’t found a striker yet so… Mitroglou?:wenger:


How is this guy performing?
Was so much hype about him since he was 16.


Our scout has gone there to look at Renato Sanches…Always ahead of the curve.



Are they good? Which are their main skills?


I don’t think his ceiling is very high at this point. Barca sold him for peanuts to Benfica.

I also think his small stature (5’7 and not very physical) would be a problem in the Premier League. Being that small may be OK as a fullback when you are Jordi Alba or Dani Alves and you play for an incredible team that doesn’t defend a lot. But its not ideal if you are playing in the Premier League against opponents that live and die by the crossing game and you are often asked to win headers on crosses to the back post.