Summer 2016 Transfers Thread


I doubt Grimaldo will amount to much. I don’t know much about Guedes other than us being linked to him in the past. I haven’t been all that impressed by the videos I’ve seen online but its hard to make judgements from that.


Imagine if this turned out to be the last signing we made this summer


Probably to play him at wing back. :henry2:


lucky he is only training with us to get ready for his new club in america


This is happening. I still think it’s unlikely Draxler leaves (DI Maria more likely, they’ve tried to sell in the past) but if there’s a chance he’s available we should be all over it.

Aurier, Ben Arfa, Krychowiak, Guedes, Lucas, Draxler or Di Maria will have to find a new point before the closing of the transfer window on August 31st.


Guades is close to Valencia. There were some rumours about Di Maria > Barcelona.

Ben Arfa blew it btw. He had a good thing going at Nice.


I was certain Mbappe would end up at Madrid :open_mouth: that’s one he’ll if a forward line they’ve put together this summer. Can’t see many teams being able to compete with them, both on and off the pitch





Seems like Mbappe has chosen the money.

Is PES the best place for his development? Not sure tbh

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Summer 2018 Transfers Thread

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