Summer 2016 Transfers Thread

We had a thread like this on the old OA where there was a thread for the other clubs and for arsenal rumours which maybe aren’t thread worthy.

To start us off:


Decent buy from Liverpool. Nothing special though IMO. Was good for Newcastle in the home games but MIA in the away matches.

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Not heard of him before. @Burgundy you know him?

Nothing to worry about, strange move like N’jie last season for a player that is for sure not ready.

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West Ham finally signing a striker. I’ve read he’s very highly rated. Anyone know him?

Dortmund looking very strong again after losing a few key players

Mario Götze you fucking joker.

@shamrockgooner :wink:

The Sun are linking us to Jason Denayer of Man City. He is a very talented CB. Could start for us and be good IMO.

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@Calum after Denayer, they linked us with Ginter (Borussia Dortmund CB).

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Where did he play last season? Was he good?

On loan at Galatasaray. Made 21 appearances.

He can do EVERYTHING right except scoring goals and as a number 9 that could be a problem. It’s Giroud-esque with more pace and work rate. He’ll play the Olympics as a starter.

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Leicester are fucked haha

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Same price as Özil was :open_mouth:

FFS, didn’t even realise this, another signing we absolutely should be making, or at least making more difficult for City. £42m is a steal for Sané considering what was paid for Sterling… Our domination at the hands of City in the coming seasons is not going to be pretty.

@AbouCuellar I don’t think there’s such thing as making things difficult for City. They’re a better team with more money and a coach you’d love to play for (especially if you’d spent the last 3 years playing in Germany I’d imagine).

This is just one that’ll never happen once City are involved so I don’t think we can be too upset. Wenger’s only trump card is he “plays good football” and for the first time in possibly forever another PL club has a coach that absolutely destroys him in that regard.


Yes they just have that scant consolation of having the premiership trophy in the cupboard !
Didnt we nick one of their scouts ?

If Sanè will sign for Manchester City, they will confirm me what is strange the Premier League. Manchester City can spend year by year for an useless role only why the player who they bought last year hasn’t performed well.

They don’t wait anything and anybody, if you fail, you’re fired.

They have De Bruyne, Jesus Navas, Nolito, David Silva, Nasri and Sterling but they buy another winger when they have defections on defense, on attack, haven’t a serious GK and the average age of their players is too high.

We’ve two different modus pensandi.

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tbf they have a new manager coming in and there’s a solid chance that Nasri and Jesus Navas won’t be there for a lot longer due to simply not being good or fit enough for their team, so that cuts 6 players for 3 positions to 4.

I’m also not quite sure who you’re talking about when you mention the player that hasn’t performed well.

I don’t understand the sense to buy Sane when you have six players who can play on the flanks, especially if you have KDB, bought Nolito last month and your club bought a third player for 53M pounds only last year.