Summer 2016 Transfers Thread


Not for another hour





What an underwhelming window for Spurs.


Such a relaxing deadline day.

Unless James becomes available, this last 30 mins will be chilled.


What did you expect though? With City, United, Chelsea and us all on the market they were never going to sign the better players/players they need. Just haven’t got the right reputation.


Del Boy Levy can’t help himself.


Fuck it, I’ll open MDC for a bit :wilshere: Join the fun!


Can’t believe Spurs paid £30m for Sissoko.

Everton fans are rejoicing!




Spurs have made loads of signings but no one exactly decent, only good


Oh man if Perez and Mustafi hadn’t signed i’d be demanding one.


The best thing about transfer deadline day is watching Jim White trying to make it sound more exciting than it is.



Why (seemingly) so many loan deals this summer? :thinking:


Leicester definitely made the best buy on the last day.



Sossoko at his best



Lots of clubs will know that they won’t be able to move on all those average players in a year or two if they sign them on a permanent deal. Makes sense…

Newcastle getting 30m for Sissoko is a joke btw…