Steve Bould

I wonder what is his purpose in the team. As he was a good CB, he was supposed to improve our defensive skills, instead our defence has gone completely tits up.

he does nothing and I reckon he will be gone when a new manager comes in…just another gutless yes man! He is in Wenger’s mold he just sits there chewing gum whilst we concede he looks on like a disgruntled chimp but says nothing never gets animated just scowls.

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Wenger has a lot of assistants and everyone looks a prat. It’s like you have a company runs by people who don’t know how to do business.

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The way we play he probaly only has 2 players to work with while the rest work on the how to lose the ball without getting hurt side of the game…

Failures on both counts…

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we all said bould would sort out the defence and give them a bollocking and we would see improvements

well still wait for theses improvements however he cant be blamed for players like gabriel - hes hopeless and BFG is just there for decorations as hes not good enough

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When the name Steve Bould is written, it should be prefixed with the words, "what is the point of?’

I saw his debut for us after he signed from Stoke and he was a great player, and part of the best defence in Europe.
But as Wenger’s assistant, I’m not sure what he is getting paid for, apart from keeping Wenger warm on the bench and for him to have someone to talk to.

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Bould is just someone who will never challenge Wenger to do better and improve, as Arséne wants to do everything by himself.

This thread is filled with pure conjecture. None of us know his role or what goes on behind closed doors.


So this thread has been started to have a go at a long standing club servant who works hard and in order to do his job properly has to coach in the way his manager tells him to?

I’d be alright with that if that criticism wasn’t based on absolutely nothing but ranting. As it is this thread is about nothing.

I still have to understand what Bould does at Arsenal. He seems powerless.


Must admit I’ve sometimes wondered that myself. I’ve said in the past that Bouldy seems to just sit there looking like he’d rather be off doing something else. If he was getting any input at all, you’d think this defence wouldn’t be as shaky as it is.


Is it possible we’re projecting on Bould? Yes he was a great defender but do we really have any evidence he’s a great defensive coach? Maybe we just really want him to be a great defensive coach because it’s a tidy solution to a very long-standing problem.


Also there’re 10 field players. It’s hard to coach ‘line for line’ if not impossible. If players upfront or in the midfield make a mistake defenders already need to (over)compensate.

You could well be right, Josh. But surely if there’s one area Bouldy should be proficient in . . .

Maybe he does give input and Emery’s just ignoring it. That’s another projection if you like, but none of us really knows.

Then he should have left with wenger, because if this is the case wenger apparently didnt listen to him and now emery, but he decided to stay and emery decided to keep him as staff so i dont think it is that because everyone else was cleared out…i think bould isnt really very good.

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Having seemingly been ignored by both Wenger and now Emery, you have to wonder why Bould is still here. Maybe that does point to his “not being very good”, but then if that were the case, he’d have been booted long ago.

I know if it were me in Bould’s position, I’d have told them to go fuck themselves long ago. No doubt though, he’s got a well-paid cushy number, probably a fat pension on the end of it and thinks ‘fuck it, I’ll look semi-interested and take the money’.

Can’t blame him in a way. Outside of Arsenal there’s probably nothing out there for him.

Plenty of projection there, I suppose. :slight_smile:

I don’t necessarily buy the idea that Bould being a good defender in the late 80s early 90s means he’s somehow a great defensive coach in the late 2010s.

If it was as simple as that every decent club would have an ex defender sorting their defence out.

I also don’t buy the idea that two managers have insisted on keeping him around and ignoring what he says. I imagine he’s probably just been coaching as a coach does and probably not making a huge mark on how we play.

Saying that though haven’t we been pretty good defensively at set pieces this year?

Moved the posts from Emery thread into here. Figured it was probably about time to reopen this thread up again, seeing as there’s a few posts mentioning Bould and seems fair to talk about his position and what his actual contribution to the situation is now.

Isn’t he supposed to improve our defence? :xhaka: :thinking: Being a former CB he should do it.

Think unfortunately mate good players don’t always make good coaches so we don’t really know what kind of quality he possesses as a coach. What we do know is that whatever it is he does do - it doesn’t appear to have made much of a difference.