Space Thread

On the back of this I ended up watching a 30 minute animation of what will happen in space in the next trillion bazillion years. Long story short black holes will take over then die out leaving nothing but emptyness forever. It was weirdly beautiful and depressing at the same time.


Haha Internet rabbit hole took me to same video few weeks ago

In theory, will the movements and disruption to the gravitation pull and distance between the planets and the sun and the rest of space, will that not heavily disrupt the balance for life on earth anyways despite no collision?

Or no?

As @Gunnerpr says, the sun will have died by then anyways so we’d be fucked either way.

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Humans will destroy the Earth long before the sun dies out anyway


Not at all. We’ll just make it uninhabitable and when we die off it will be fine.

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Maybe I shoulda said humans will eradicate our own existence long before the Earth dies lol

There’s a chance, if something passes by close enough to start tidal effects, which there will be many chances for. Not sure we have to worry about the Sun beating us first though, at least on current estimates.

The galaxies will “collide” like that animation, spread out, elongate, deform and contract trough gravity and do the same thing again, that dance goes on for a while until the “system is relaxed” which means we’re one blob. This will take many cycles, simulations say this can take 2bn yrs or so, it starts 4 bn yrs from now, the Sun won’t swallow the Earth until like 7+ bn yrs. So maybe that other crap will happen first. But simulations are probably really sensitive to initial conditions and resolution so I wouldn’t trust them blindly. Tbh for example we aren’t even that sure how old the universe is, even though popular media love to drop a number with several significant figures lol

tl:dr; yes. Also maybe.


Yeah exactly this, the Milky Way has already swallowed up another Galaxy (or two can’t remember) to form the current one we have now. There’s a picture of what Earths night sky will look like during the merger with Andromeda, Ngl looks sick.

Saddest thing about all this space stuff is, the distances are so big that it will probably be impossible to ever get out of our solar system. Even at the speed of light which is impossible your talking like 4 years to the closest star, and even then we don’t even know if any of the planets will be habitable or have life. The scope of time and sizes is just beyond us simple chimps.


It’s still just a theory/one scenario, it’s M33/Triangulum or “the pinwheel galaxy”, and it might also initially start out orbiting the Andromeda-Milky Way merger (Milkomeda).

Again these theories are very primitive.

And we might def. Get out and away :slight_smile: there’s lots of time to come up with clever shit!

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We are a young species & still learning. We will make things right in due time.

It looks like they left the handbrake on. :grinning:

What the hell are the Russians playing at!


China, Russia and North Korea are the primary antagonists on the world stage.

They push and push untill they hit something

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JWST launch getting delayed could replace death or taxes :grin:

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Fuck it the space thread is close enough. Cool science thread here.


It looks to finally be happening :grin:


Until that fucker is half way to L2 I’m not getting involved. Still 4 days to go lol

edit: now postponed to 25th earliest.