Space Thread

3 mins till launch

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So fucking cool

Ah is this why Space Force launched on Netflix today?

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That’s genius marketing.

The launch combined with Trump mentioning how great his Space Force will be is making me want to watch it right now.

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I’ve watched it through already. Needed a day of complete brain switch off.

It’s decent. Not amazing.

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How’d they get passed/through the Van Allen belt ?

Good view of the space station flying by tonight.

Elon Musk aka Peter Weyland…

That Tedtalk was an excelent monologue, Guy Peace is so underappreciated

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Yep, watched it from those big hills by the target roundabout in northolt


Haha nice! I haven’t been on those hills ever since they were built!

Also that roundabout gives me nightmares. I failed my first driving test because of it back in the day :joy:


Lying mofo’s NASA ain’t shit :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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The ISS passes our skies again tonight at 22:10 (UK time) for any of those interested.

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Sky’s pretty big. What am I looking for?


Surely that’s not really a mouse. We joke but flat earthers will run away with these.

Also do I look in front of my flat or behind my flat?

It’ll look like a slow moving star basically. Trust me, you’ll know you’ve seen it when you see it.

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I couldn’t spot it

I couldn’t even see the moon let alone owt else