Should Wenger get a statue?


I think it could be the opposite. If someone comes in and does well straight away we can all move on. We’d all be a lot happier if we started doing as well as we could and should be doing and all the negativity surrounding the clubwould dissipate.

If we have three years of struggling under a new manager I think people would continue to be resentful of the fact that Wenger took us backwards in the last few years of his reign and I think a lot of people would be bitter and never forgive him.


I honestly don’t think all of us will be able to forget the negative side of his reign for at least 10 years which is why I was serious about giving him one when he dies. I mean there have been fans who have completely hated him for years and how do you get past that? If he had a statue tomorrow people would piss on it. van Persie could never get a statue because of how much he ended up being hated and no other “legend” I can recall has ever had so much hatred as Wenger. He’s a tainted legend and I think the taint can wear off but no time soon.

George Graham for example, I don’t think anyone really remembers / cares about his terrible final season and dodgy sacking because it was so long ago and now everyone just cares about what he did do right and I’m sure Wenger will be the same eventually.

If he dies in 20 years we’ll all be like “oh shit”, then we’ll read through his obituary and come across “Wenger was the most successful Arsenal manager of all time, winning three league titles and seven FA cups and went unbeaten for the entire 2003-04 season” and we’ll want to cry.


I know of people that despise him so much and it’s really not all talk in some of these cases, should be something kicked into the long grass for at least a decade and then ideally coinciding with a period of future success


The point you make about George Graham is a valid one. Now you mention it i didnt remember how terrible his last season was and the “Bung”.

As we remember Wenger`s first 9-10 years we cant easily forget about the last 11 years.

It`s time for Wenger to go.

At the time i sending this reply Arsenal are losing 2-1 to Brighton.


The problem is Wenger is the face of modern Arsenal.

He saw the transition from Highbury to the Emirates. The one jigsaw in the missing piece was David Dein. He would have been the steadying voice in Wenger`s ear.


GG , gave this club , English football the greatest night EVER . He also laid down the footings for AW tenure .
I was home and away for GG reign and he never once was the subject to the poison Wenger is getting now .


I was driving when it was announced on TalkSPORT that Dein has left . Wrighty was co presenter on the show and he said it was the biggest loss for Arsenal and it would leave the club in trouble.
Wrighty was and still is god


David Dein brought us Kroenke too, just for balance.


Fuck Wenger give it to Lee Dixon. Love him calling out Wenger today. Let’s hope more come out and make him feel he can’t go on.


Of course he should.


Another hatchet job on Big Weng in the Sun today, apparently he goes to eat in restaurants alone around where he lives in London as he doesn’t have any friends :roll_eyes:


Of course he should. But delay the placement until he has retired from football. Otherwise the bad feelings of the mugs who slag him off will be taken out on it


Just spoke to someone who was at the AGM, Lee Dixon really didn’t hold back with the criticism, wow. 88% of supporters want him out. Ex-players of varying importance from Dixon, Wright and Keown through to Stewart Robson all laying into him to varying degrees. His position is actually untenable, how the hell is he still here :expressionless:


Ive heard the same thing today.

Lee Dixon and others taking aim at Wenger.


If this is true, perhaps we can buy him a statue to take with him to restaurants as, “his friend.”
It will be ideal, Wenger can talk as long as he wants, and his friend won’t disagree with anything he says.


For the good of the future.


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