Should Wenger get a statue?


Does Arsene Wenger deserve to have a statue?


Yes. Should be put up as soon as he’s gone.




Invincibles. Most successful manager in the club’s history.

Of course he does, come on now. :wenger:


why not?


Why should he?


Yep I think he should get one.Due the current state of our team it’s easy to forget the positive mark he’s made on our club.


Yes but not right now.

I’d rather name a stand at the Emirates after him, would be more apt


So you dont think he`s damaged his legacy with the current state of not only Arsenal but the team.


Maybe chuck a poll up?


To be honest I agree with you.


It will remain to be seen what happens. As a Gooner since 1978, It does break my heart.


Yeah all in all I’d say he deserves a statue considering how good his first decade at the club was, he’s doing his best to make me change my mind though.


When he dies.


They say boxers are the last to know when they should “hang up their gloves” I say they are the first but they can`t let it go when “old father time” catches up. Arsene knew it was time but I think with all the IN FIGHTING with fans and Wenger Out, he was determined to continue.


You surely don`t mean that Craigie…




based on what?


Based on that’s when people get statues :thinking:


ok, all bar 1 of them got their statues when they passed away.