Should Wenger get a statue?


Yeah, we will never forget all the good he has done for us.


Yes, but I hope he doesnt try to hang on. Just let it go. There is life after Arsenal.


Sure, with a plaque saying

“Arsene Wenger: Arsenal Greatest Manager 1996-somewhere between 2007/2014”


Now, I like that idea.


Of course, he is finished at Arsenal, but we can’t forget the past :slight_smile:


He came, he saw, he conquered, he sold our best players.


Good point Luca




Hey Gooners! Is it allowed to plug youtube channels here?


Yes definitely deserves a statue and stand name !! No matter recent years he has done enough to earn some respect.


Yes but respect does cut both ways. Without the fans. Arsenal or any team for that matter would be nothing. I had some mates who did attend the AGM. It was a disgrace.


Anyone who says no is such a fucking joke, not to be taken seriously.


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Of course he should get a statue. But not yet, it’ll probably get defaced/burnt to the ground in a “ding dong the witch is gone” kinda ceremony.

Give it a couple of years.


35 minutes until countdown. Hope Arsenal can put some pride back.


If you’re posting videos relevant to the discussion at hand that’s fine. If you’re just spamming threads then no. Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the heads up Shamrockgooner. No, I don`t spam. Anyone who does shows a lack of respect for content creation.


25 minutes until kick-off


A post Luca would be proud of