Should Wenger get a statue?


It would be a mistake to create a Wenge statue within the next few years imo, it’s just going to get vandalised unfortunately. In several years time yes of course


Yes i agree. Maybe for now it wouldnt be a good idea. Give us more time to reflect on his legacy.


Absolutely he deserves one and even the most ardent of WOB’ers must surely agree. One of the most successful managers of our club ever, it doesn’t matter what is gong on right now you can never take away from him what he’s achieved and given to us in the past, in terms of success, quality of football and our footballing hero’s and cult legends like Pires, Ljungberg, Toure, Eboue, Henry, Vieira, Fabregas et all.

The man has given his all for this club and he could’ve left when at the top of his game. He deserves a fucking piece of marble outside the stadium. Whatever you think of him right now, he is the most revolutionary manager to grace the Premier League and a legend in the game.


Of course he should he’s done a lot for this club an brought a lot off success to the club.


Yes , so the pigeons and seagulls can shit on it


I’ve changed my mind…


A wooden statue that can be set on fire.


Yes, and then please go.


For such a lovely fella? Sure… :roll_eyes:


I hear what you`re saying and as i always say, everyone is entitled to their opinion. He DID revolutionise football by means of training and dietary and prolonging footballers careers but he has not only stayed on too long he has (in my opinon tarnished his legacy).

I would have been happy for him to have a statue outside the stadium based on his first 10 years, and that pushing it.


Mmm…not so sure now :mustafi: :thinking:


I’ve changed my mind aswell. He should get one just so we can burn it down


Man you dont mean that…


Oh I do believe me


Nah, its just in the heat of the moment…


Its not


But ive just finished watching the match and…just when you think it cant get any worse…:open_mouth::open_mouth:


Calum’s been one of the main Wenger supporters on here but I think maybe this match has finally changed his mind


The thing is, i was taught to support your team through thick and thin…but this is taking the P?_=!!!


Yeah, support the “TEAM”, that’s why we want Wenger out.