Should Wenger get a statue?


Until the bitter end…LOL


Can anyone verify news that ive heard Wenger has resigned.


Depends. Where did you hear it?


Seems, it is not true. Sorry


Yes but wait until the good times at Arsenal come back. I’m afraid someone will chop off Wenger’s statue at this rate


A statue? depends when. I think he should and will, eventually.

If he does, what are the suggestions? here’s mine: "the come at me bro " :stuck_out_tongue:



Feed the narcissist? He did incredible things the first half of his stay here. Many people were willing to forgive him for the fruitless years during the Emirates move and debt. But, he overstayed his welcome here and has only dragged the club down year after year.


When we win the league with the next manager the statue should be built. If we make it now it’s just asking to be knocked down. I’ll always love Wenger, he’s a football father to me, but as bad as things are now, it’s a shame he’s digging his own grave


Ive just this moment seen a video of Wenger being verbally abused. Not good


What I dont understand in all this mess…Is why can`t he see that?


Yep - he deserves one for the great things he achieved in the first half of his tenure. But it would be a mistake to make one anytime soon. The negative feeling towards him will linger for a good few years after he goes, especially if a new manager comes in and does well straight away.

Maybe in ten years or so when we’ve all moved on and the gentle course of time leaves only sweet, fond memories of Arsene’s Invincibles and the Doubles. That’s the legacy we want to remember.


We need emotional content, not anger


When you believe you are the only one in this world that can save the club, you believe you know more than anybody, and you believe you are the messiah, then the whole world against you is such a normal thing.
He won’t feel a thing because someone verbally abusing him.


I understand what you are saying ronniec but I dont want to see that. I just hope that someone in the boardroom puts him out of his misery.


I want him out, but I STILL want him out with dignity.
This season is over, whoever comes in I don’t believe we can win the EL, so I want to see him resign in the summer, walk away, but not get fired.
As long as he is willing to go in summer, we all should give him the grand exit that he deserves.


We need a public flogging, financial compensation and a grovelling apology for the constant misery he’s served up since 2004. Then maybe a statue.


Yes! Holding the 4th place trophy high above his head!


I think you are pointing the finger at the wrong person. I am not saying he is faultless but the ones sitting above will always be the one responsible as they hold the greatest powers.

The owners before and after the takeover as well as the board managing the club.


Not boards fault though when you dont beat part time swedes at home.


Of course he does. Ideally in the next few weeks after he leav s the club. :henry2: