Milan Vs Arsenal (UEL Last 16 1st Leg)

  • Milan win
  • Milan win BIG
  • Draw

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Going to get pasted.

San Siro
Blue Kit
Gattuso mentality.

Need that sacking announcement soon after


4-0 again. Borini, Cutrone x2 and Suso.

All Serie A games were postponed today which would presumably include the Milan derby so they’ll come into this game pretty rested and ready to roll.

We’ll try to set up with a nominally strong defensive stance and then concede early. I don’t know if I could ever really hope for a bad result even if it looks like it would be for the overall good of the club.

That being said I just hope that we get the announcement that Arsene’s leaving soon. It’s so clear that he’s the problem.

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Why is there no option for Arsenal win / Arsenal win BIG?



well you never know, they might come out fighting and trying to right the wrongs of these last few weeks, showing fight for the manager and all that stuff!

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If the players can’t motivate themselves for a game like this then it will prove not only is Wenger a very poor manager, it will also prove that this group of players lack any mental strength.

If we play badly and lose then Wenger might go before the end of the season.
There is nothing else to play for.

A score draw would be a decent result.

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Forgive my pessimism, but what is there to fight for? A manager who will only repeat, repeat, repeat and repeat the same mistakes again, again, again and again.

I would like to win the EL and thrash Milan on the way. But I don’t see it.

it was sarcasm

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“We only had 4 days to prepare. Our defeat is down to this” @InvincibleDB10


Even by Wenger’s standards that is an unbelievable quote.

How long did he think Man City had to prepare?

The more he opens his mouth the more he ridicules himself.

:rofl: It was a made up quote, but Wenger would surely say it if we lost.

He will 100% say this.

Say Milan had a longer rest cos they didn’t play this weekend. Use a players death as an excuse.


Yeah, the cunt is without shame.

I think Milan will win this by 2-3 goals and we won’t score an away goal, I’d be surprised if the tie is still alive at the Emirates.


Milan aren’t really all that, but our defending is a cruel joke atm, so we’ll see. I reckon we bumble through this somehow and get dumped by a lesser team later.

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It’s not so much about Milan and more about us, we make any team in the EPL look good when we go away from home regardless of who it is. Hopefully being a European competition means we raise our level however.


I think we’ll still be in the tie going back to London but won’t score


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Maybe we can wait until he says stuff before criticising him for saying it…