Serge Gnabry

I think he just liked the phrase and your recent use of it was in his mind. :slight_smile:

Oh okay, didn’t realise it was that uncommon of a phrase :stuck_out_tongue:

This thread is just a prime example of the sad state of Arsenal fandom tbh. As much as u guys hate Cuellar’s self righteous behavior, and even tho he’s clearly largely clueless about football he’s right about the delusion levels around here exceeding even prime lolpool levels. When an American, me, understands football better than the Europeans it’s got to be delusion that’s blinding all of u, no other excuse. I mean, imagine thinking Wenger isn’t a brilliant manager who was loyal to Arsenal football club to the bitter end, but was just dealt a bad hand…hate to see it.

Yeah, exactly what Shammy said, lol.

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Arsenal on Arsenal crime makes me sick


The vast majority of us think we are shit and have a massive job ahead just to get back to where we were on a regular basis never mind getting anywhere winning the biggest prizes. I can’t see how this forum can be labeled delusional.


In his eyes the forum is delusional because we are critical of Wenger for persisting with players like Almunia when a better keeper would have gone a long way to helping us. And we’re also delusional for giving Klopp credit for winning a competition that isn’t any better than the FA Cup.


Poch is by far and away superior to Emery & Howe, so I find it strange you wouldn’t have him at Arsenal to be honest.

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I don’t like his personality, his style of play and worst of all he’s managed you know where, and the only reason he’d have left to join us is if he was pushed. If he left because he was successful he’d be going to Real, Bayern etc

And later I’m the one who dances around things :crazy_face:

I know, wtf right! Cause likes are cool.


If you look at spend/points ratio (transfers and wages), it would be interesting to see how he stacks up, but I am willing to bet he is in the top 3 for sure, and I’d not be shocked if he wasn’t #1 by a distance.

They sustain me


they announced that late, kind of strange
the thing with Gnabry is at the time it was probably right to sell him, but he seems to be living up to his early potential he showed at arsenal?

It was never right to sell him. We should have held onto him the kid obviously had talent.


I don’t particularly remember much about him but I do remember him not exactly doing much for the last few years at arsenal

The biggest mistakes we made were sending him on loan to West Brom and Tony bloody Pulis, and not renewing his contract before said loan.


Somewhere in Spain a light earthquake just happened alerting a certain someone that this thread has just been bumped.

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He was ending up at Bayern whatever we did.