Serge Gnabry

Just saw the highlights, good set up for the Ox goal.

Still convinced he’s got the most quality/ability of Iwobi, Campbell, Ox, and Reine Adelaide, if fitness/work ethic issues don’t further derail his career.

He was pretty much rubbish other than the assist, I wouldn’t get overly excited. He’s never going to progress playing in games like this or featuring in the capitol one cup. He needs a serious loan perhaps in Germany where he is playing week in week out.

He’s a curious case that’s for sure.

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I have been a fan of him pre injury and i hope he can make it through .


Yeah he was pretty meh other than the assist, and that was really Ox making a very, very nice finish. Our offensive fluency was horrid overall. Akpom - wtf - did he do ANYTHING? Theo ran around like a headless chicken - terrible, awful, dumb footballer. Ox had a couple of bright spots but it is always a false dawn with him. Yeah, I am not optimistic about any of these kids. Iwobi didn’t look any good either, nor did JRA other than his one shot.

Like to see more of Willock - I have hopes for him. Bielek had a couple of shaky moments but otherwise I like the look of him - decent depth.

Oh and Calum was CALamitous - wtf he is awful and also seems to play with so little intelligence. How have we turned into a club filled with anti-geniuses after the years of Bergkamp, RVP, Henry, Pires, etc?

Games like that are hard to watch and a little pointless tbh. I think when you pile them all together it really doesn’t help their growth at all. I mean Iwobi/Ox/Gnabry all have something to offer but they can’t find it playing together and Theo playing with them should be ashamed of himself and his career.

Fergie sent Welbeck out for many years but always believed in him - seen by his reluctance to the move to arsenal - and you can see that in the way he plays for us, dogged and determined.

We should absolutely do the same with the three I mentioned, let them cut their teeth where the difference between points isn’t the difference between a title.

The fucking Tony Pulis risked to ruin the immense talent of this guy. I don’t know if Wenger will try to send him on loan to another PL team or a Championship team (or Scottish team) to be sure about his regulary place into the XI.

…but, I don’t understand, is he a winger or a mobile playmaker? @AbouCuellar

He should be finally sent to Germany or somewhere in that region on a loan. I really don’t get the obsession with having our players sent to premier league clubs. It’s as if having ‘premier league experience’ is more important than having regular playing time somewhere over a full season.

Also it’s hardly someone else’s fault if one of our players doesn’t perform well enough for other clubs.

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Can’t even remember the last success we had with a loan in the EPL, perhaps Jack with Bolton, if you can even call him a success.

We really aren’t that great at the whole developing young bloods these days.

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With Nice losing Ben Arfa and having a very good coach in Lucien Favre, I wouldn’t mind seeing him there. They played decent football last season and have an interesting group of young talents, the most promising being Koziello.

I wouldn’t really bother with a Premier League loan, send him somewhere with high assurances of game time without the pressures of a relegation fight.


Too much competition up and down the PL table to give someone like Gnabry any time. Most clubs would prefer to use their own blood when thinking of developing such players I think. Germany or France would be great places to loan him, seeing loads of young talent in those leagues prosper because they’re given the time.

The boat is sailing for him though I feel. I know as a club we’re not the most aggressive when nailing down targets in the transfer windows and we all know the RW is something that needs an upgrade. If Wenger is overlooking Gnabry now with this in mind, it doesn’t bode well for him.

I can’t comment on the other part but Gnabry made that goal. He finds the space in between the lines, he eliminates the defender (with some luck), and then he makes the perfectly weighted through ball to put Ox in on the keeper. Ox makes a very pretty finish but if he had put it under the keeper’s legs it would’ve had the same effect, except no one would be talking about it.

It’s been so long since he’s actually played I almost forget.

But in 13-14 he definitely looked to me like he had the characteristics to be an ideal winger in a combination style. Can beat a man, but also has the quality to combine, move in the mediapunta zones, and assist (as shown the other day or when he set up Santi at the NLD).

Well said @Burgundy. This is what we were saying before the West Brom loan. Idiotic loan that still bothers me. Should’ve been going abroad to Germany, France, or Spain all along. For loads of reasons including all the ones you mentioned.

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I would like to see again during the USA tour.

It’s not possible unfortunately, he isn’t in the squad because we allowed him to go to the Olympics. We refused to allow Iwobi to go which probably indicates where each player is in the mind of Wenger.

Just scored for Germany against Mexico at the Olympics and has been quite good in general since coming on.


Couple of misplaced passes but he looks very sprightly physically.

What will Arsène’s plan for him be? Don’t see where he’s going to get much minutes with Campbell, Ox, Iwobi, and Theo sticking around…

Wish we would sell Campbell, Ox, and Theo and at least give him a chance. If we’re not going to sign a quality wide player–we’re not–might as well go with the player(s) who have some real talent.

If I had a picture of a blank piece of paper, I’d post it right now.


Gnabry scored a goal for German U-23 against Mexico today.

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Gnabry scored a goal for Germany last night.


Serge David Gnabry (German pronunciation: [ˈsɛʁʃnabriː], French: [sɛʁʒ ɲabʁi]; born 14 July 1995) is a German footballer who plays as a midfielder for Arsenal and he scored a goal for The German Mens National Mens Football Team for the Mens against Mexico on 4 August 2016. Against Mexico. He scored. Ball went into the back of the net following his direct kicking action of it.[3]