Serge Gnabry


Ox was 50/50, we should never bought Welbeck and if we loaned out Gnabry we should do the same to Iwobi also.


Why? Iwobi is actually getting minutes?

Welbeck was bought to deal with that last minute Giroud’ injury. Unfortunately he is still here 3,5 years later.


I meant, if Gnabry getting the loan treatment, so should Iwobi.
Never meant they were here at the same period of time fighting for the same spot.


Looking at our current options, it’s a pretty simple choice to be picking Gnabry over Welbeck and Iwobi. You’d have assumed he would have got a lot of minutes this season had he remained with us. His stats tell a simple enough story i.e. he’s been more productive than Welbeck and Iwobi over the past 1.5 seasons.

I can’t be arsed to look into why or how he left, and I’m not looking to assign blame to Wenger either, I just know I’m disappointed that we don’t have him any more.


Why? Since we got rid of Walcott and Chamberlain there is enough room for Iwobi to get his minutes. If hopefully we sign a winger next summer, and Welbeck leaves, he will be immediate back up for all the three positions behind the striker. Why should he get a loan treatment?


Because he is not good enough, as simple as that.

Since we got rid of Theo and Ox, we should bring in someone good immediately.
Starting Iwobi is an immediate downgrade.


He’s a third/fourth choice. In the middle of his development and starts on occasion. We are not depending on him, but can still offer him enough minutes for his development and see where he goes. Why would you discontinue that by sending him on loan? Iwobi wasn’t a starter either. That were Sanchez and Ozil.

We obviously need another winger in the summer.


Ignoring the fact Gnabry was injured most of the time, unprofessional, overweight, cocked up his loan opportunity and forced his way out after being offered a new contract because Bayern tapped him up.


Gnabry got the loan treatment because he was out injured for a season and was out of shape.


Why do people forget his horrible injury record with us and how he kept coming back out of shape. We all wanted him to stay so did the boss but Bayern came calling why would he not go? Nothing to do with not getting minutes because you can’t play from the recovery table


Haha way to wring every possible drip of blame out of a young 18 year old’s situation. This is what supposedly youth development and managers are for, to help with these situations which are not at all uncommon in young boys who happen to be really fucking good at football. I wonder if you’d say the same things about Ox which if you want to go that speculative and blame-heavy route would be just as applicable. Funnily enough though Ox always got his chances under Wenger.