Serge Gnabry


He’s not ripping up any trees though is he? Joel Campbell has done more in Spain (on previous loan spells) what this chap has done so far in Germany.


Gnabry is doing pretty well in a lower table side where he has more space to run into and he doesn’t have to track back as much. He wouldn’t get that luxury at a bigger club. Still very good prospect Bayern have there.



God he’s class. :disappointed_relieved:

Another one I clearly got wrong @Robincita !

(Btw, I’ll always hate that cunt Tony Pulis for just overall being a thick cunt and not using him, instead going for the likes of something McLean or whatever Morrison, aside from hating Wenger for being a dumb cunt and loaning him there in the first place)


He looks in much better shape than before


Yeah he looks skinny


Maybe the bundesliga fits him better.


*being away from Wenger


It’s not like Wenger lost confidence in him. If I recall correctly he didn’t want to extend because of lack of first team opportunities. If Werder then triggers the release clause, with the Bayern interest on the back ground, he’s gone.


When we saw him in the Olympics in the the summer of 2016 he was in similar shape, it was a notable return to fitness. Seems like he’s been this way pretty much since then except maybe fluctuations that seem to happen in body types like his when he gets injured.


How has he been throughout this whole campaign?


Good for him. If he had stayed on he would most likely been injured all the time and Wenger favours Iwobi instead. Even injury free I would have doubted Wenger to play him enough.


He hasn’t done much of note yet and probably won’t. Remember when a few people rated him above Chamberlain. One’s playing in CL knockouts and the other a second rate German outfit. Miles apart.


Conveniently ignore the fact that Ox is a full two years older than him and that’s with Gnabry having lost a full year or more of his development at a young age, and is contracted to Bayern Munich haha. Also Hoffenheim was 4th in the Bundesliga last season and 7th this, not sure what your definition of second rate Bundesliga outfit but it’s not a bad club.

Gnabry is a superior player/talent to Ox, though certainly Klopp would seem to be doing interesting things with him and he looks like he could have a very nice career under him as a midfielder.


8 / 7 G / A this season, in roughly 24 games this season. Not bad.

Think he’s close to what we need right now in the form of a pacy winger whose competent at dribbling and can take a player. He’s technically sound too and clearly can bag goals. I’m actually gutted we’ve lost him as I really think by now, he could have been carving out a name for himself in this team.


We should have stayed.
He would have been a starter with us and would have already been a recognized entity in footballing world.

Sure Bayern can still happen for him but it is no guarantee however with us he would have been a sureshot starter by now.


What guarantee? He had fucking Oxlade Chamberlain and Welbeck, plus Iwobi ahead of him. He did the right thing for his career sadly, while Wenger, as usual, gobbed things up.


You list those names as if they are Messi, Iniesta and Ronaldo


No, I list them as if Wenger were their manager and Gnabry were behind them in the pecking order.


But how?
Gnabry left the very summer he was available to Wenger. Before that he was on loan.