Serge Gnabry


So the tinfoil hat theory turned out to be true? :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck, Herr ErBringtMichZumLachen.


i said it seemed that bremen have signed him to ship him off to bayern it seems an extemely dodgy thing that serges agent has done, this transfer never has sat right with me. This guy is an absolute cunt…constantly injured and just as he can get into the side he decides to fuck off, hope he flops!


Rich get richer… one team league FTL.


Good luck to him. Not sure he would have been guaranteed a first team place but ultimately he joins one of the elites of football and has a chance to experience everything they have to offer.

A shame we’re not considered a hot bed for young aspiring talent anymore.


He’s always been respectful of his time at Arsenal, despite spending a lot of wasted time here, whether that be down to him or to Wenger. Good luck to him


I’ll blame Wenger for almost anything but unless he force fed Gnabry a shit load of dominoes before shipping him off to Pulis I don’t think this lands at Wenger’s door.


really hope he flops at Bayern


C’mon man, you know it’s not that simple. He was a year out with a serious injury (of the strange, mysterious type that seems to happen almost exclusively at Arsenal, FWIW), he was then loaned out to a team with a backwards manager, a backwards set-up in general, and he was not really given a chance…surely one could see how that would be de-motivating to a young kid still in his teens?

Hope he kills it at Bayern, Arsenal are fucked for the next 2 years and probably a few more after anyways, so no reason not to get my satisfaction where I can.


Seems like he’s having a quiet season? Or is he just injured?


Seems like he’s having a quiet season? Or is he just injured?


Would have been a starter for us had he stayed.
Poor career choice.


Munich is so stacked on wingers, i doubt he will ever be good enough to ply for them he will be like a chelsea loanee, loans for a few years to later be sold.


Mostly injured.


He has just been used to make a profit because his move to Bayern doesn’t really make sense.


Bayern will need wingers soon enough for him to get a chance if he shows his worth out on loan.


Too bad he wasn’t given more of a chance. He’s worth more than Iwobi according to transfermarkt (and rightly so if you look at the stats, goals, assists). It seems Wenger’s bet didn’t come out right (by choosing Iwobi over Gnabry). But we did have too many wingers (or pseudo-wingers) at the time IIRC.


Just injured too much, never had a chance to develop and shine.

He was great with the Germany Olympic team, but his heart had already left when coming back afterwards.


That’s just not what happened at all.


Ay, Serge, how I yearn for thee. :pensive:


Gnabry was injured for Wenger to give him chances.
And Wenger tried to persuade him to stay but he had made up his mind to go back to Germany, especially considering Bayern must have assured him of making him a bayern player.