Serge Gnabry


Said at the time we should have kept him
And should have given him a chance, our wing options are diabolical. Even if after the season he ended up walking for a free who cares, we only got 5 million quid anyways.


People are still going on about this guy :smile: Our attack has been fine without him.


He’s scored more league goals this season than the " World Class" Oxlade Chamberlain has in his whole career and we gave him away for 5 million quid, of course people are going to go on about him.


I would say I was around 100% sure that you definitely would be bringing it up :slight_smile:


I’d rather keep Sanchez for one more season and lose him for free also, than sell him this Summer for whatever we get for him ( Which won’t be heaps because of his contract situation)


Except you were wrong about Sanogo. And you’ve been wrong many times. And Gnabry hitting a run of good form does not prove that you’re right about him at all.

All it proves is that he’s thriving in a different environment and there’s no guarantee that had we kept him here and played him he’d be capable of producing the same performances.

Different players thrive under different managers in different systems and settings. There’s an immense amount of pressure on every Arsenal player right now and Gnabry doesn’t strike me as the kind of player who held up all that well under the adversity of the challenge of playing at WBA.

A good prospect and somebody I really wanted to keep. But your rhetoric about how right you are regarding him is far too premature.


He’d be capable of producing the same performances, what you should be saying is there is no guarantee he’d be producing the same performances at Arsenal.


lol what? How is there more adversity and challenge playing for West Brom than Werder Bremen?? Or Germany for that matter :joy:

Let’s be real, if there’s one thing that’s clear about all of this, is that the West Brom loan was a fucking disaster (choice), as many of us said at the time. Nothing to do with the ‘adversity of the challenge’, and everything to do with the adversity of the manager.

Finally, what ‘rhetoric about me being right’? This isn’t about me being right, it’s about people like @Castiel and @Oliver and a host of others who laughed at anyone caring about his loss or saying that he was better than Oxlade-Chamberlain (:arteta:) being wrong. If you had the patience to read through this tedious thread I’m sure you’d see that. But this has never been about me being right–it took no genius to see Gnabry’s talent. It’s about people who were all too smug and silly about all of this being dead wrong.


Diaby is going to retire soon (or retired??).
I will be disappointed if you don’t change your username to SergeCuellar, AC :wenger:


Mbappe only has two more goals than him :eyes:


But scored in half the minutes. That being said, he’s got much better teammates and a functioning squad competing for the title, rather than a bunch of lumberjacks fighting relegation, as is the case with Serge.


Mbappe is a striker, and Gnabry is not??




His point wasn’t being critical of Gnabry


Does this mean they won’t sign Alexis Sanchez?


Welcome to the bench


Poor @AbouCuellar, r.i.p. mate :frowning:


Douglas Costa might leave. They also haven’t announced the permanent signing of Coman yet I believe. They might be looking for two wingers.


Wont last at Bayern


They’ve signed Coman. Announced it a few weeks ago.