Serge Gnabry


I’m curious out of the 660 post in this thread who said he was ?


Anyone who watched our U21’s at the back end of last. Season knows that was bullshit.


Since 500 of the post are AC, I’m going to guess him.


For these guys ignorance is bliss. In reality they’re just trying to make themselves feel better about talking shit about Gnabry in the summer, about not having the memory or judgment to recall his quality, and about the fact that everything he’s done since then has proven them wrong. Simple as.


Or we don’t give a fuck because we’re grown ass men who don’t cry like heartbroken teens because some random youth product couldn’t hack it here and went back home.

I mean honestly, with the plethora of bullshit things wrong with this club, fat boy Gnab is the least of our worries.


Isn’t this all a bit of a moot point seeing as Arsenal didn’t actually want to sell him. He wanted to leave. He was in the last year of his contract and wouldn’t sign the extension. My only annoyance with the situation is that we didn’t get more than £4.5m for him!


lol please, you have the second most posts in this thread, don’t put on the not bothered act.

He obviously could hack it here, that’s clear as day, and even you will know it, don’t be obtuse.


He didn’t start for West Brom because Pullis said he was out of shape and that was confirmed by our coaches when he returned. He was hardly ripping up trees for the U21s, he didn’t look great from the little I saw and heard about from mates who watch the U21s.

He’s having a great season this year but it’s as easier league and there is little we could do to keep him as he wouldn’t sign a new contract and he was in his last year of contract. Rumour was that his contract has a release clause so he can to engineer a move to Bayern. Which makes sense as Bayern were also were trying to sign him but we asked them for more money.

Whether he can make a transition to a big team is also a question mark because big teams will expect him to press and track back.


Most of them will be lol’n at your heartbreak though.


Good player. Wanted him to stay.

[quote=“AbouCuellar, post:668, topic:392”]
about not having the memory or judgment to recall his quality,[/quote]

Wait… you’re questioning other people’s judgment.

Yaya Sanogo?


Honestly, I think even the people who like to hate on me most are getting bored of this one, surprise you’re not. :arteta:

Wasn’t even that wrong about Sanogo, he was better than Giroud during that time, and all I said was he would be could be a Christopher Wreh like squad player. That was obviously an overestimation of his ability, but I wasn’t the only one, just the most outspoken.



Difficult situation that isn’t so black/white, at least once we got to last summer… the problem was the persistence with mediocre players that blocked him, a terrible, diabolically bad decision to loan him where he went, unfortunately injury, and then continued lack of opportunity doomed this… AW should have handled it differently sooner in retrospect, but once we hit that last summer and Gnabry continued to be blocked by mediocre players, he was fated to leave at this point.


We’ve got a buy back clause though, right? RIGHT???


Err that’d be a no :facepalm: He has a pretty low release clause though but Bayern will probably be jumping all over that.


He didn’t want to be here anyways so lol whatevs.


Is it true that Bayern “helped” Werder to buy him?


That was the rumour doing the rounds


No one will ever know what goes on behind closed doors. This could easily be a way of Bayern claiming first dibs on Gnabry if he turns into a good enough player. Just another way Bayern are controlling that league.


It was a smart move for Werder to take him anyway, even if it’s just for the one season