Serge Gnabry


Saw this and thought it strange.

“There are more temptations in London than Bremen”. There’s no Shaketastic’s out there in Deutschland I imagine yet, you little porker.


I was not impressed by his performance against bayern.


How league goals he up to this season now ?



Not saying he should have been sold for stupid money, but what a steal Bremen got there!


Wiki has him on 8 league goals in 20 apps. Not too shabby considering Werder’s not great at all.


It’s 10 including his 2 tonight.


Oops didnt know they were playing.


AC is gonna be on one. :smile: come home Gnabry!


Don’t think he would have been a worse option than Walcott :xhaka:


Letting Gnabry go is up there with opting not to bring Fabregas back for me :facepalm:


Worse, tbh, with Cesc I could at least understand the rationale, we thought Ramsey and potentially Wilshere were good then.


Gnabry isnt half the player Fabregas is right now. Jesus christ people.


If he were doing what he’s doing in the Bundesliga in the premier I guarantee you’d be all over his nuts.

Since the Bundesliga is actually a better league you really should be :wink: :innocent::arteta::welbeck:


It’s not always about quality. Gnabry would fill a certain void in this squad which really needs to be filled and should, imo, be the number 1 priority this summer (if we continue the Sanchez as CF thing). A quick, technical proper, forward player who can combine and has goalscoring potential. When with Cazorla and Ozil in the squad, signing Fabregas might just have been of lesser priority. Since this club is so slow and reactive on the transfermarkt, letting him go when you got him, was a mistake.


this thread is a trainwreck.


I was not that bother to see him leave, but now we seem to have fucked it up badly with him.


Shame he couldn’t hack the EPL.


Except he could, at age 17 at that, you just can’t remember it for whatever reason.


Way I remember it he was too fat to get into a shit team’s starting 11.


Yeh, you remember it wrong.