Serge Gnabry


You ruined the fun by forgetting your own joke.


We should be grateful he didn’t post another picture of himself engaged in toilet business.








“Fun” might be stretching it a little


Would be boring if everyone had the same opinion on every player


I’ll amuse myself as I see fit.


It’s good that someone finds you amusing.


I certainly find him amusing.


Fuck, I was worried there for a while you didn’t


Top banter lads. Just kidding it’s pretty stupid :cristo:


Obviously guys like to banter but gender means nothing discussing football. I mean what if everyone agreed Ox was good or everyone agreed Gnabry was good? That’d make it boring. I may get ‘ganged’ up on at times with my views of Ox but that’s fine, it’s better people have different opinions to make it interesting. As long as people don’t get heated or start personally attacking each other over a football opinion then it’s out of line.


What really annoys me about the whole situation is that Oli said swear down.


I’m with u tho GG we gonna lol in the collective faces of OA when Ox and Theo do something big this year. 2017 #yearoftheOX


Forgive me :sob:


It’ll actually be the year of the rooster in 2017.


Makes a lot of sense if you think about it… :giroud2:




You honestly want a player that currently would only make our bench, that is also flirting with Chelsea to return?