Serge Gnabry


People bring up Ox because they are both young prospects who play in the same position, and because a few people think we’ve put our faith in the wrong one. It’s completely valid to bring up the Ox in relation to Gnabry and vice versa because it was something of a direct choice between them this summer (and Campbell too I guess, without complicating matters).

And because you (@GunnerGirl) are one of Ox’s biggest fans and are always there to defend him when people say things like he has padded his stats against shit teams, but then hilariously try to say that Gnabry has scored his goals against shit teams when they’ve pretty much all been away from home and in the league. The irony is too much :laughing:, and of course people are going to point it out.

Or maybe @Oliver is right and it’s because being patronising is key to being successful round here… whatever the fuck that means.

Edit: @Trion I didn’t mean to click reply to your post.


Arsene :astonished: Knows Best


People go strong with Ox hate at me thinking I’m some diehard Ox fangirl but I’m not, I’m just a defender of his because he’s a much better player than people suggest. He isn’t my favourite player.


He does.


I got excited that jakey replied to me. :frowning:


does it?

did he?

People have short memories about Gnabry. He made more impact in his 5-6 games in 13/14 than Ox has in any 5-6 game span in his career.

does he?


Wenger didn’t want to sell him though. Gnabry wanted to leave, so I wouldn’t really take it as him preferring Ox over Gnab at all.


Tell that to @ArseneCuellar please.


In a league where virtually all of the absolute top talent aren’t English - the above statement holds no weight.


I think the die was cast when he went on loan and it failed so spectacularly… AW didn’t put enough trust in him or clearly make him feel he had a legit role here as he was starting to get impatient and he decided to leave. It isn’t black/white imho… had AW handled it differently from far earlier, things might have turned out different.

In this particular case, I think it was perhaps a miscalculation on AW’s part, but it is perfectly reasonable to acknowledge that is hindsight and give him a pass on this one.

Serge is gone - he wanted to leave in the end and good or bad, that is the situation we have… would I rather see him than Ox? Yeah, probably, but that has more to do with Ox than it really does Serge at this point (even though I think Serge is the more natural footballer and likely to have better career).


swear down @gunnergirl gets massively ganged up on. :smile:


Are people still going on about this guy? :laughing: Jeez.

He’s moved on. He’s done the right thing for his career. If we ever bother to properly address the wing situation, then no fucks will be given about Gnabry in the long run.


Only in the same way that you do, or Trion does, or Morris does, or ronniec does, or I2004 used to.

Equality between the sexes is a glorious thing.


Understand the league but not understand football???


I disagree.


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Did your washing machine type that?


I literally have no idea what that is meant to mean lol


Was it a tumble dryer?


Oh I get it now, just more shit bait lol

Seeing as the whole point was to justify picking on a woman it’s basically the opposite of White Knight behaviour :slight_smile: