Serge Gnabry


Gnabry is clearly a different level of footballer/talent than Ox, but those who didn’t/don’t want to admit what a fuck up it was with him/what a fuck Ox is in general will continue to throw mud over the issue.


Proves how shit the bayernliga really is. Ox would be running rampant over there.


There really isn’t any better teams except Bayern.


I hope Chamberlain has sent you a couple treats for your Christmas stocking this year mate.

You deserve it.


Is it really a fuck up though. We can’t sit and develop players like Ox/Iwobi/Gnabry/Cambell every season and still expect to win silverware. We should be looking at players like Draxler at the very least and at the most players like Reus.

Granted players like Gnabry and Iwobi show that there might be a light at the end of the tunnel in terms of their development but in all honesty they could be donig that out on loan or sold with a buy-back clause.


He only scored 1 goal for Arsenal. Crying about Gnabry won’t bring him back.


Just like calling Ox a top talent won’t make it true :smile:


Underrated on OA probably, otherwise I don’t think it is.


It’s true in my opinion. However Gnabry has already left, and like most former players they are irrelevant to us now.


The only League the Ox would run rampant in is the Championship or maybe the A League here in Australia.


Ha. You’re doing the A-League a disservice there. For some weird reason I watched some of the Melbourne Derby the other day and it’s not THAT bad :grin:


In a thread of Gnabry why do people have to attack Ox too? I just said Gnabry is scoring v shit teams, which he is and Ox has scored v shit teams too but there’s a reason why one of them is still at the club and the other sold.


Are you suggesting that Nottingham Forest and Reading are at the same level as Hoffenheim, Schalke, Hamburg, Cologne and Red Bull Hellspawn? :blush: I put it to you that they possibly may well kinda definitely are not


Because being patronising is key to being successful here. I think.


Ox has just scored goals v shitter teams


Because he’s English and Gnabry is not ?


Because Arsenal fans have no lid over their hatred.

The other day he only played 10mins or so and was subsitituted because of injury.
Still shit load of hate comments in the thread.


I don’t have a problem with Gnabry’s nationality, but Ox being English surely means he understands the league better, which Gnabry flopped in.


Serge only had about 10 appearances so I wouldn’t say he flopped I’d simply say he didn’t get enough of a chance. Ox on the other hand with his 100+ appearances…


Wenger understands better than any of us and he kept Ox and sold Gnabry