Serge Gnabry


Tears of laughter in my eyes.


Yep - its one of the reasons that I no longer think AW is the man for the job. RVP was our last WC attacking player - then Sanchez… that is too many years of going with zero or one… we need at least two from the striker and 2 wide. During Henry days we had 3 WC players in those 3 positions and also decent bench options (and depending on how you categorize Bergkamp (who was still WC at the time), you could say we had 4+.


Chamberlain get’s praise for crossing the ball correctly while Serge is scoring constant goals for Bremen :joy:


Gnabry has 7 goals. Ox has 6.
Gnabry has 1 assist. Ox has 5.

Stay in your lane bro. :smile:


He’s scoring v very shit teams


I don’t blame him for wanting to leave, but really wish we could have kept hold of him. We had/have far worse on the books than him!

With each passing game he’s looking better. £4/5m? They got a bargain!


He has 2 league goals, he just need one more to beat his own record after 5 seasons at Arsenal

It just shows you how pampered Ox is as a footballer


He’ll be better than than Ox


He most certainly is not. Higher ceiling perhaps.


He just scored against a team that is one of only two undefeated teams left in Europe…


Ludogorets, Reading and Nottingham Forest are world class teams obviously.


Goals against Moenchengladbach, Darmstadt, Leipzig, Schalke, Hamburg, Koeln & undefeated Hoffenheim.

6/7 of his goals for Bremen have come away from home.


This is what I don’t understand about his transfer. Why were we not able toto milk more oit of it.


Yea that’s what I meant. Missed out the word be, edited it now. He isn’t better now, but I think he will be one day.


Now be consistent and be as rigorous in your assessment of Oxlade Chamberlain.


Ox is a shit team merchant. United cross exemplary. Pretty much it other than bamboozling his team mates with every other cross.


The Ox can’t even do that.


better quality of teams in the bundesliga than the PL. Standard English football snob who thinks the PL is the be all and end all…


Bundesliga is quite under rated for some reason. I guess having the same champions every season doesn’t help. But some of the best games I’ve seen recently have been in the Bundesliga - and I don’t mean because it was goals galore, just both teams showing quality and determination - which is more than can be said sometimes for say, La Liga.

Gnabry might not be setting the world completely alight just yet, but the signs are there. As long as he stays injury-free - which shouldn’t be a problem now he isn’t on our books :grinning:


Don’t worry, when they sell him to Bayern we’ll get our cut :sunglasses: