Serge Gnabry


Ah the good old days! :smile: wasn’t that the Gervinho open goal miss?


Didn’t know he scored an hattrick in the end :cech:. Well done boy!


I think Gnabry will end up being a better player than Iwobi but I thats just my opinion, unless Iwobi learns not to be a such poor finisher he is at the moment he will be a player that just fails to end up fulfilling his potential.


When was Gnabry realistically supposed to play for us though? When he got injured? Because if I remember rightly he was injured allot between his debut and his load.

Was Wenger supposed to start him when he wasn’t fit enough to start for West Brom? Or when he came back when he hadn’t had any minutes and still wasn’t fit? Gnabry should have maybe played a bit part roll this year but he forced the move before we were able to give him a shot.


Iwobi > Gnabry all day every day.


That remains to be seen to be honest, regardless they are both far superior players when compared to Oxlade Chamberlain.


We don’t need to compare.
There was still the spot of Theo/Ox which Gnabry could have acquired had he stayed.

What do you think?




As well as his wages being a lot cheaper.

Chamberlain is probably on more than Gnabry and Iwobi put together.

Wenger’s stubbornness, persisting with Chamberlain, is Diabyesque.


If Wenger just had signed a proper forward in stead of Lucas Perez we wouldn’t worry about Gnabry. Or a lot less at least.


Overreaction to scoring 3 past a team that I dont remember ever winning a game.


Says the girl who proclaimed Ox world class after scoring 2 goals against Reading. :joy:


The important thing to remember is both occurrences mean absolutely fuck all.


Sure, whatever, scoring a hat-trick (including some fine goals) in your debut for Germany is certainly something most would say means something, but if you want to take that hardline stance, that’s fine with me, I’m no fan of int’l football.

That leaves us back where we were before Friday, with Gnabry being good and Ox being shit, and us having the shit one. :slight_smile:


Not anyone who knows a single thing about international football tbh.


World class talent not player


World class talent at what nearly 24?

He’s not a world class talent at all and his ceiling is very clear, he’ll end up a good squad player if that.

At 23 you would have expected a break through season if he was a true talent comparable to the Gotze’s, KDB’s, Hazard’s et al. He can’t even hold a candle to the likes of the up and comers such as Pulisic and Dembele. He shouldn’t even be here he should be out on loan to assess whether he even deserves a new deal, as it is he’s taking the spot of someone who could be far more productive. When Welbz is back it’s doubtful he’ll consistently make match day squads.

In years to come people will still be banging on about potential when he should be in his prime. Make no mistake Chamberlain is a bust.


should go join his brother in league 2 with portsmouth. More of his level.


Speaking of Ox: there are certainly late bloomers, but usually there are some signs and at least a foundation of footballing IQ, which in this case seems lacking. Part of the issue is that he is a bit like Theo in that when his confidence is low, he is a complete calamity. At this point, he is a useful squad player at best for us imho.

Re: Gnabry - the situation is a little bit of a grey area for AW, but it does appear that he made some wrong choices with Gnabry in terms of cultivating his talent and protecting his upside - instead, he got loaned to Pulis (OMFG) and was unlucky with injuries and never really got much of a run with AFC.

The bigger issue is going into this year relying on a young Iwobi, Theo, and Ox for a crucial wide role and back-up striker (Theo). We should have loaned or sold Ox, got a WC player to pair with Sanchez (either striker or wing) and let Theo fight for his spot wide or at striker and/or be impact sub. Iwobi should not be nearly as important to us as he is this year, as much as I like him and think he will eventually be a very good player for us.

If you subtract Perez (nice player, but depth at best) and Ox (and frankly Ramsey) and get a top, top attacking talent instead, our attack is impacted massively. And especially with Sanchez pushed up top, puts even more pressure on our wide players to contribute offensively.


We have been crying out for proper wingers since we had Gervinho, Podolski and Walcott as wing options in 11/12. Fast forward six years later and our primary options are Iwobi, Walcott and Chamberlain. We did get Sanchez, but he’s our striker now. It’s awful really. We had to wait five years for another proper above-average partner for Koscielny. We need to wait longer on those wingers…