Serge Gnabry


Guys talking about Ramsey & Ox blocking yiung player from getting minutes.

I present you Iwobi.

There is no reason at all for Gnabry to feel like he was mistreated or something.
I was hopeful of Gnabry and wanted him to stay but seriously some of you need to stop blaming the club.
Even Joel Campbell was played ahead of Ox and Ramsey.


Lol Ox scores against San Marino too ya know.


He’s never scored 4 league goals in a season though lol.


Yeah but even though he’s appeared against San Marino four times he still can’t match Gnabry’s tally in one match :wink:


He became a starter for a Bundesliga club this season, made his official debut for the German national team…maybe he is going places.

Depends on how you look at it I guess.



No, he wasn’t, really.

Iwobi is another player, including Ox and Ramsey, that Gnabry saw ahead of him when he got back to the club, after Wenger had done his best to ruin his career by sending him to West Brom after a year without playing football. (Really, this can’t be said enough-- can you imagine what people would’ve said had the same happened with Jack Wilshere after his first year out injured?)

Wenger botched it. End of story, really.

It’s okay though, because Gnabry will serve for one of Wenger’s great ‘almost’ stories in a press conference in 6-7 years. That’ll be fun.


The point with Gnabry is we’re supposed to be a club that develops talent and we’re going to have to start from square one with some other prospect now. We’re going to have to spend £15m on the next Chamberlain or some Ligue 1 17 year old and then wait 4 years to see if they turn out first team worthy.

Serge would have required 18 months maximum to truly see if he had what it takes before giving up on him and the signs were positive over his ability and his potential. I’d have rather gone all out and given him good money and assurances to convince him to stay than to lose him then have to gamble on the next kid for more money. We scout the world looking for prospects and gambling on them, so it’s a disaster IMO to lose a prospect that you already had before they’d truly failed. Why do we even have this process of finding young talents and trying to bring them on if we’re willing to risk losing them half way through the process? Were we just arrogant in thinking he’d definitely stay because we’re the mighty Arsenal?

And it’s not even like we’re gambling on the next kid. Chamberlain is clearly never going to be a top player, so putting time and effort into him is completely pointless to me. If you’re going to accept that your backup player is going to be flawed, I’d rather it was a younger player more suited to the club with a chance of breaking out, than an older player not suited to the club with pretty much no chance of breaking out.

What first struck me with Gnabry is the same thing that struck me with Iwobi after seeing him in the first team. He’s a textbook Wenger player. Cutting in, one-twos, good on the ball and see’s shit happening. He’s not just a kick it down the line and hope you’re quicker than the fullback player or a let’s whip it in the box and hope someone’s there winger. I don’t want to say that the likes of Chamberlain and Ramsey are awful players but they’re just not the type of players Wenger gets the best out of so why do we persist when there are alternatives?


Spot on. :clap:


It’s interpretation of events.
You see Iwobi as another hurdle for Gnabry to pass.
I see Iwobi as an evidence that if you have quality, Wenger won’t shy away from playing you.
Who fucking knew about Iwobi?

Saying Wenger botched his career is simplistic.
Gnabry has to agree to the terms & playing assurance before making the move.
Only thing Wenger has a say in would be a suggestion as to which club would be better for him.
Gnabry still has to sign the paper.

Gnabry right from negotiation to his time at West Bromwich is responsible for his own actions.

Bayern is definitely involved to make his departure unavoidable.


Right, so what you’re saying is, you’ll interpret the events, no matter how much mental gymnastics it takes, so to defend Wenger.

Right-o then.


Outstanding how far Trion goes to defend Wenger lol.


I am compelled after people go lengths to make it look like it was Wenger’s fault.


Thing is we don’t have to.



Problem is that Wenger was in a catch 22 situation, damned if he did damned if he didnt. Gnabry was injured for a good few seasons and didnt really even play much and his loan was unsuccessful. If he tied him down to another contract with how things were going people would be saying if he was injured again and was never playing ‘what is with wenger tying all these players that never play for us to more contracts fucking get rid he has played 3 times for us in 3 years and is always injured and cant even get a game on loan’ But he didnt and wanted to renew with him after he got some games together and then he refused to stay with us and he wanted to run down his contract and leave for nothing and people are like ‘wenger and arsenal are fucking idiots we should have tied him down to a new contract.’

I doubt it is all black and white like people make it out to be and Wenger strived to keep him he wanted to go. He probably thought that him being great friends with Ozil etc and giving him promises of game time if he stays fit would be enough. He could have learnt so much with Ozil and they were best buddies…but he had ideas elsewhere.

At the end of the day every club has regrets. Look at Chavski with KDB and Manu with Pogba, Everton with Mustafi…its unfortunate but sometimes it goes that way with a special player that they just dont show their best or get overlooked and it was a mistake or whatever but i admit as regards signings and who we have missed out on etc and who we let leave it is happening a bit too much but every club have regrets.


Haha yes :poldi:


Far more embarrassing than outstanding if you ask me.


I think you missed a euphemism there :wink:


You positively analysed a defeat to a league 2 club once in defence of him :joy:


One thing I was definitely right about though: you all were getting your panties in a bunch about the f’ing league cup.

Things went up from there tbh. If you’re going to slate the manager, slate him for better reasons than losing in the carling cup. Like mine. :innocent: