Serge Gnabry


Why should he want to stay and compete with the likes of Ox and Ramsey, when, aside from not being the same level of quality, it’s obvious that the manager prefers them and will give them every chance to succeed before other players?


How the fuck did you come up with that, he started in the first team and got injured and wenger gave him a loan to get used to the EPL which he squandered, came back to arsenal and got injured again then fucked off. Just because that is your version of events doesnt make it true, wenger saw something in him if he fought hard to keep him but he refused to stay. As much as you love to throw every single bad thing at the feet of the club sometimes it isnt the clubs fault or the managers life isnt always as black and white as you try to make it out to be!


lol keep blaming the loan on him. Tony Pulis was watching the Germany match tonight and saying, "who’s at lad with the funny hair? ee can sure score some goals, too bad I’ll never get players like that’

Face it, not only did Wenger not make up for his error when there was still time to do so (and when it was already past obvious that Ramsey and Ox should be out the backdoor), he also fucked it up in the first place with an absolutely idiotic loan (due to his insistence on loaning players in England because ‘the premier league is special’) which I wasn’t the only one to say so about when it happened.


Yeah it was pretty obvious Wenger favours the British talent. Joel Campbell was definitely mistreated despite a positive season.

He was never given a chance to succeed at this club despite all the crap we’ve put him through. I said at the time there was no reason why Ox should be ahead of Campbell. His enablers clung to the idea that Ox ‘will come good’ or that Ox has a ‘higher ceiling’ with more likeable attributes. Never mind the actual quality output from each player or the efficiency of their football


He scored a hat trick against a nation of 30,000 people, but you’ll struggle to find a club in the football league with that small a population. Burnley is one of t he smallest with a 73, 000 population. Not one of the smallest for the PL, one of the smallest for any team in top 4 divisions.


the problem is though with English players they are needed in the squad, something which I think is complete bollocks but that is the EPL for you. I don’t think these players would be here now if it wasn’t for their nationality. I feel that it should be all about the talent etc, but unfortunately, the powers that be don’t give a fuck about that they want English players in each team and 99.995% of them are absolute garbage!


I don’t think it has so much to do with being british talent as it is Wenger put a lot of time and investment in Ramsey and Ox from a very young age. They were the two young players he really picked out and bought for significant fees (for that age), and he can’t admit defeat/is blind to their (massive) flaws.


I think Wenger’s favoritism on Ramsey and Ox is pretty obvious???

Despite of form, Wenger would give Ramsey a license to play… to play him as CAM, RM/RW, CM/DM, even a couple of times as RB… Several times Ramsey was just in a very bad form and in a slump but Wenger just kept playing him.

No need to mention Ox’s injury record here… and I believe his time on the treatment table is not that “far less” that Serge. Whenever he was not injured, Wenger also would find time for him to play, as a rotation, or as a sub. He was/is consistently getting exposure and appearance, and he was also getting the playing time without “outperform” his counterparts.

For the past few seasons, how many times we screamed at Wenger and asked him to bench Ramsey and Ox but we were still seeing them on the field, and hurting our chance to win??


4th jokes are so cringey ffs we haven’t finished 4th for three years you shit cunts


Trolling us after we saved them from relegation? That’s gratitude for ya. :wink:


Do official twitter accounts really do shit like this? wtf. I’m genuinely surprised clubs would let their public interaction be run by kids.


Why? Over 1k RTs and 1k likes. Most of their other tweets struggle to break triple digits. The tweets that “bang” (viral) bring attention and that’s just free advertising.


Yeah, fair point. And I’m sure no one inside the clubs will actually care/ever notice.

Anyways, twitter is a different world that I just don’t get/not sure I want to get. I am to twitter as @lengooner is to the microwave oven.


Only sad cunts care about his link to Arsenal at this point. Most of us have moved on and barely remember his fat little face.


Great start to his senior international career or be it against very poor opposition. Would still love him at Arsenal though and Oxlade Chamberlain be playing somewhere like Middlesborough.


Playing against a shit team does not guarantee you could score on them…
Just like don’t have any European matches on week nights does not guarantee you will play good in the league and win it all…


I feel like banter like this should pretty much be confined to the fans, I’d cringe pretty hard if the official Arsenal twitter account starting giving out shit to some random foreign club we have basically no connection to lol

I think youre right, but sometimes I wonder what the value of this kind of advertising is tbh (yes there’s a lot I don’t understand about advertising). It’s not like someone is going to see that tweet and think “lmao their banter is on point, maybe I’ll buy a shirt and start watching their matches”


You pretty much summed it up. This in terms of hits literally means nothing to a professional organization constrained by commercial obligations.

They’re just trying to be as witty as that other German team no one can spell.


Scored against Fiji in the Olympics and now San Marino. This guy is going places.


4 League Goals in the bundesliga also but lets not count those ones.