Serge Gnabry


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Are you posting drunk again?


It’s barely lunch and I’m still working I’ll shoot off some hydration situation posts later tonight…AC in the Coquelin thread is just screaming out for it :smile_cat:


Hahaha. Poor AC and his multiple personalities.


I know it is just against San Marino… but still, a real international match… WC qualifier…
Gnabry just scored for Germany, on his debut


The rise and rise of an Arsenal reject.



Fuck you Chamberlain. If you were injured like you usually are or sold Serge might have stayed.


Was Gnabrys choice he left though. The guy was injured all the fucking time here and just as he was getting into the team he was injured again, then just as he was fit he decided to fuck off…so he is a bit cuntish tbh!


lol yeh, blame him for not being content sitting behind shite like Ramsey and Oxlade Chamberlain. And for being advised to go to fucking West Brom on loan.


oh fuck off, you are telling me he didn’t have the fucking balls to fight for a place against fucking chamberlain…fucking joke! It goes to show his character, because as much as you hate him Pulis said the guy wouldn’t even train properly and did not show work ethic that is why he was never played. Him going like a shot instead of fighting for his place even when going on loan, for all of his talent his attitude seems to fucking stink. Wenger said that he and the club tried their damndest to keep him but he decided he wanted out, but whatever fits your agenda huh, the guy is fucking weak…talented but fucking weak. He had a good friendship with one of the best players in the world but sacrificed it all because he didn’t want to fight for a spot that is all I need to know about him.


I could score against San Marino.


Wow wow wow… AC…
first time you are this harsh on Ramsey… I remember you defended and supported him well in the past…

Anyway, Serge scored another one for Germany… 2 goals on his debut, not bad


Hat trick for Gnabry?


Yeah, shitt… hat-trick… what an accomplishment

Also glad to see Volland, Meyer and Goretzka got some playing time…



Yeah but could you get into the German team? :wink:

Maverick mate, it’s the club’s jobs to bring young players along. The best young players typically are impatient and have unlimited self belief. The shit ones like Ox, aside from just being shit, will spend year after year saying in cute little interviews how they’re looking to add goals to their game.

I agree his attitude hasn’t been exemplary but young players aren’t always, and it’s hard to blame him after having West Brom chosen as his loan club after a year without playing football and getting there and thinking why, when I’m desperate to play football again, have they loaned me to a rugby club?

In short we botched his development pure and simple, you have to really be in denial to not accept that fact/blame it on him.

@ronniec not really, I was always the one who didn’t rate Ramsey, when he had that season in 13-14 of course I rated him, because, well, he was really fucking good that season and pretty decent in parts of 14-15 too, but with time it’s been clear his real level. You must not have been reading me for the last year, I gave up on him when he battled Flamini for Semi-Footballer of the Match over multiple weeks.

like I said, and people talked shit because it happened to be during the olympics (even though it was obvious if you watched him for Arsenal and Arsenal youths): the guy just has bucketloads of end product.

Hopefully he can’t beat skinny Serge Gnabry out for his spot when he goes to Bayern and we can buy him back.




it’s against San Marino but still ffs :arteta:


yes it hurts that he has gonebut at the end of the day it was his decision to leave…i reckon if he stayed when he was fit we would have gotten his chance but didnt want to stay for it. He had an unsuccessful loan and got injured and as soon as he was better he jumped ship, he aint coming back we just have to move on.


Sorry for misunderstanding you a bit…

Of course it is an accomplishment to score 3 for Germany, Gnabry proved his scoring ability for Germany in this game and for the Olympic team… the other thing that made me believe he will be a very good player is, he is so calm to play with the A-team players. Not a bit of nervousness, and all his goals in this game were executed neatly. For a lot of youngsters they will try extra hard, try to impress and maybe over-execute/over-perform some plays in their A-team debut, but Gnabry’s debut is pretty matured.