There will be…but unfortunately more so to do with Forest and how/why they couldn’t submit that deal in time for accounting purposes.

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Yeah, that sounds lame as fuck

If we did that we’d get absolutely annihilated. Watch the pundits play it up and bumlick them over it :xhaka:

What a bunch of twats :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Netflix should be all over this, an interactive light show with the crowd using their phones to light up the spurs toilet is a genius idea.

Apparently Hollywood producers are already in talks with Levy about adapting this amazing event into a blockbuster film.

I’d like to see footage of it, could look pretty cool imo

burn everybodies batteries out, then how will they call their mates and tell them how much their team sucks donkey balls.

Fake big club

Did I not see something similar NFL game recently? Mildly amusing I suppose, but that’s about it.

this Swedish (and clearly confused) 18yo midfielder Lucas Bergvall just joined Tottenham:

It was apparently between Barca and the london circus and in the end he seemed to prefer hula hoops to getting good at football.

Not that I like Barca but at least I was looking forward to having a midfielder in the NT a couple of years from now who was coached there and could actually play ball. We sure could use that.

What are we supposed to do with a tottenham midfielder?


What’s this player like mate? I’ve seen him pop up a few times in comps and he seems to be highly rated.



That’s all right. We hate Tottenham, we hate Tottenham…


Haven’t seen him terribly much, but as a midfielder he’s probably the top young whippersnapper in Swedish football, untypical in that he’s got good technique in small spaces and he enjoys those spaces, and he is kinda quick over a couple of yards. Active in general, wants the ball, will try to get the ball back and likes to progress the ball a bit, move with it if there is space, in that sense a bit like Wilshere or Modric conceptually.

Physically he can hold his own in our league but that does not say anything about the PL. He’s a little over average height, seemingly good balance and can and will protect the ball, he is not a “physical” player, football brain nothing special, active guy but average work rate. He’s not a goal scorer. More of a central midfield controller of the game who will one way or the other move the ball to a different area of the pitch if it looks beneficial, on that note I like his vision if he is given a couple of seconds to think, but again, often you don’t in the prem, the higher pace can crush players like him when that is one of your finer characteristics, if they can’t adapt and think faster.

A typical move of his would be a tackle to win the ball back, hold off some guy, neatly trickle out of the situation and into some open space, move the ball 10 yards and/or play a decent long pass to someone else, a problem solver space-wise.

The next level pace, physicality and speed here will be a test of how fast his decision making is, how well that seemingly neat balance, close control and ball progression functions at the highest level. I also think they buy him for a reason, they see a couple of areas they can improve and will give him a chance to work on his weaknesses. He’s got potential but so do another couple of hundred 18yos and taking that last step from prospect to real deal is rare.

Torn because our NT midfield is on life support but at the same time tottenham can fuck right off. So idno. Maybe he can establish some good team play with Kulusevski if nothing else.


Van de Ven is a superb CB. Shame he’s at this shit club



The lead paint exposure in that area of North London must be off the charts. Top by a wide margin? Outrageous.

I’m not well versed with their message boards, what’s up with those trophies?

Poor things, haven’t won a trophy in 30+ years.


Fuck me, he hasn’t been there five minutes and he’s well into the general delusion up there. Cunt.

They’re the Xg trophies the supporters reckon they would have won if they hadn’t sold Kane, and Maddison and van de Ven hadn’t been injured. :grinning: