One is for having the best stadium in the world, and another is for their magnificant Audi Cup success.

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What’s the answer?

No, no…no

Funniest thing about Mourinho and Conte coaching them is that they make sure to highlight what a massive loser club they are .

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They are actually unwell, aren’t they?

They’re still talking about how they blew their title challenge. What title charge are they talking about? :arteta:

Five game spell :joy:

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It’s a good job spurs had that injury crisis otherwise we’d be chasing them rather than Man City and Liverpool. :grinning:

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“If you ignore a specific 20% of the season we’re actually as good as Arsenal”


Last three matches they got completely outplayed by Everton, needed a last gasp winner to beat an out-of-form Brighton at home, and then got outplayed and beaten by Wolves at home…but its that November stretch which derailed them from a title challenge.

They have convinced themselves that Ange is the savior but in terms of XG differential his side is performing worse than either Conte or Mourinho and he got dumped out of both cups at the earliest possible moment while not even competing in Europe at all. Going to be delicious when it all falls apart eventually.

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Spurs are such a strange club. They base their entire being and sense of self on whether they can finish above Arsenal or not. That’s their highest achievement, what a sad, little club.

The media has been jacking them off for the last 7 years as if they’re the second coming of Jesus.

Their best ever player is an Arsenal fan and likely to get a Cannon for being top goal scorer in Bundesliga.

Cry more.

Unbelievable mentality from those lot.