Give it Mason to end of the season again

Hardly breaking news. Anyone with half a brain would have known he wasn’t going to sign an extension when he penned the initial deal


Imagine the nightmare scenario we’d be living through as fans right now if club situations had been reversed.

Mason gets the interim job but is so good he gets it full time and goes on an Arteta like trajectory with loads of talented youth players breaking through, while we’re still scrabbling around 5-6th with Unai “low crosses from the byline” Emery lol fucking shivers down my spine


I think spurs will already have someone lined up to replace Conte and might go for a more long term manager like Frank.

Players like Kane, Son and Kuluevski are unlikely to stay which means they’ll need an overhaul and a new manager is going to need serious investment as well as several seasons to turn it around.

Clearly most established top managers aren’t going to go there so a younger manager with new ideas is probably what they’ll go for.




No, Frank Drebin.


That’s Lieutenant Frank Drebin to you


That would be sensational. :grinning:

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This must be Levy’s ‘ambition’ at play. :joy:


Ok, Nostradamus

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Good times :ramsdale:


Reminds me of Man Utd right now. :grimacing:

That guy has managed to get everything wrong in one article. Tremendous effort.

Don’t want to hear it from their fans about lack of spending. Signing Danjuna, Porro and they’re still in the market.

A shame we never saw this type of backing from Arsenal when we moved to our new stadium.
If you pay close attention, they’ve actually stepped up a gear since that move and have been active in pretty much every window since, whether it’s the summer or winter, Spurs are always doing something when the window opens.

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we kept selling our players (captains) because of the new stadium, and they did not


You’ll be more likely to hear it from Conte after Spurs draw with Bournemouth or something and he substituted Porro at halftime.

“He was not at the level required. It was a miracle we left with a point. I can only work with players who are at the level and so I substituted him.”

Even if it’s easy to laugh about that article now, whilst knowing the mess Spurs are in, it’s one of the most biased articles I’ve ever read!

It would be interesting to know how many of these signings are players that Conte wanted.
Their owners must know he doesn’t want to be there, so are they going to give him a substantial amount for players that their next manager might not want?