Because you love spurs lol

That’s supreme confidence in Conte. I told ya’ll he’d beat Arteta’s ass but finishing 2nd is a whole different story. I could see 3rd next season depending on how they strengthen.

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i think he is gonna vastly underperform and then bitch and moan about not being backed far enough and spuds are crap you know like this season.


That’s what I think City and Pool status quo.

Spurs best of the rest potentially depending on what Chelsea do.

At this point I’ll have Arsenal 5th or 6th depending how Ten Haag settles.

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That’s probably what’s gonna happen.

He’ll get some of the players he wanted but not all of them, he’ll begin moaning during preseason, his squad won’t cope playing 2 times a week and he’ll start his shit about Tottenham not having a high level again.
Kane will go into the the World Cup playing every match with pain injections, he’ll come back all banged up, Conte will complain they need players in January but Levy will tell him and Paratici to work with what they’ve got.
They’ll sack him around that time once the season ends.
Poch or Potter will come in.

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Nothing changes for me. FUCK SPURS! League position notwithstanding, forever in our shadow.


Yeah i would say the same, but there’s always some type of surprise. Maybe City or Lolpool will struggle next season. I also have a feeling Arsenal will take a step back. Very reliant on Saka and ESR this past season and if there’s any blip in their development (as there is many times with young players) Arsenal will suffer for it. Will have to see how we improve the squad tho. 200m back to back seasons is something we’ve not seen Arsenal do iirc.


Even St Totteringham’s seems a long way off ::pensive:

got a feeling next season…could be wrong but i have a gut feeling they are gonna drop a stinker.

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Spurs will celebrate 4th place and laud it over us. For them, it’s probably as good as it gets. Which is sad and pathetic, really.

We used to be mocked for Wenger saying 4th place was like a trophy. Whether you think it is or isn’t is irrelevant because we actually have won a bunch of trophies. 8 in the last 8 years if you can’t the Community Shield.

However for Spurs, 4th place is the closest they will get to a trophy. It’s literally the pinnacle of achievement for the sad fuckers.

But frankly, we are 2 clubs competing over a fairly mediocre and inconsequential “prize”.

4th and 5th this season. 7th and 8th last season.

Both pretty irrelevant clubs right now.


I would too. That’s the price you pay for bottling it.


So true. Our standards have dropped so much that we are now competing with Spurs for 4th place and are disappointed we couldn’t make it. I guess we are just desensitized after years of mediocrity. The worst part is, I don’t see things changing (for the better) anytime soon.


Spurs are not finishing second, lol. Think you’re high @SRCJJ

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It’s a significant prize and step in the right direction to finish 4th. We would be over the moon if we did. Spurs now have first pick over many players we’re also after like Jesus and Sterling. They would be favourites to land them for obvious reasons. It’s a big moment in the expected trajectory of both clubs.

Now we have to convince the Kroenke’s out of a record amount of cash once again and probably have to overpay to stand a chance. Truly don’t see them sufficiently backing the club to get those 6-8 key signings needed given we never proved to them we could do it with the initial funds.

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My man wasn’t a fan of gambling before all this began, now he’s in overdrive.

You need to bring that money over to the Stonks market bro and lose it a lot faster and in greater quantity.

At the very least you won’t feel like a degen gambling addict


I’ll take anyone’s bets for Spurs to finish top 2 :laughing:
Not happening

arent they already around £1bn i debt?

Not great news but I think something along those lines was probably always necessary for Spurs this summer. They won’t spend all that money on transfers and wages, it’ll be split between player costs and other costs, including servicing their 700m in debt.

My guess is that they spend similar to us this summer, somewhere in the 70-100m net range.